Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Fall Fashion for Boys

Model: August
Blog/Business: Being adorable
Age: Two
Location: Chase Bank in Brooklyn Heights, helping mom on an errand.

What he's wearing: Orange hand knit hat from ETSY (mom forgot the exact shop), Second Step fleece plaid shirt with faux suede elbow patches, Children's Place jeans, and Striderite suede sneakers.

Why I loved it: August looks like he stepped out of a fall catalog, yet he seemed comfortable and ready to explore.  None of these clothes are wildly expensive, but the mom mixed and matched brands to create a designer-looking outfit. Plus, all the clothes fit August well. Nice work!


  1. He is so cute! I love ORANGE on kids!

  2. love etsy's knits. such a sweet little orange hat. i love your blog too!