Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Trends for KIDS

As with most of the hottest runway trends from season to season, we see them translate very well from adult wear to children’s wear. It only seems appropriate, right? What’s being worn by moms and dads right now is going to be wanted by children, too. Fall 2009 is no different. There are so many hip and chic and fun and beautiful current trends … and they’ve made their way to children’s wear in a fashion-fast-and-forward way. Being a writer (and mom of 4 boys!) who writes about fashions for moms every day, I think it’s incredible to see a lot of what I write about make its way to smaller versions. It’s absolutely adorable. Here are my 5 favorite trends that have hit the world of children’s wear for Fall/Winter 2009.

Ruffles! Oh, my… this has to be my favorite Fall 2009 trend. Delicate and feminine and classic and oh-so-adorable. Ruffles have made their way onto tops, bottoms, shoes, socks, ribbons and bows, backpacks and even jackets. For women right now, this is a very popular trend. You’re seeing ruffles everywhere. I have always loved girls dresses with a ruffle, and it is fabulous to see this gorgeous accent so popular for girls right now.

The Color Purple. Purple is definitely the color of Fall 2009. We’re seeing it in clothing, accessories and makeup. It’s a delicate color with so many different variations in shade and tint and hue. I love seeing purple make its way into boys wear, too. With girls, it’s everywhere – skirts, tops, skinny jeans, sweaters, jackets, accessories and backpacks. I also love seeing the color purple transcend its way over into some boys clothing – there are some stunning sweaters and sweater vests and button-down shirts that are pulling in the color purple. It’s such a luxurious color for the Fall and into the winter months.

Leggings. They’re everywhere right now. Even in dropping off my two sons at preschool, the girls are loving this legging look. The best way to wear leggings for a girl is underneath a skirt or dress. It’s a chic and trendy look, very cute and really pulling back from the 80’s. Oh… remember way back then!? Madonna made leggings cool and chic back then, and now it’s more of Hannah Montana and iCarly.

Athletic Wear. Boys and girls are loving the athletic wear this season. At every age, there’s something for everyone. Girls are gravitating more towards feminine looks – terry cloth sets and hoodies with embellishments. Boys are all about the logos right now. Athletic wear is much more every day wear now than what it was when we were kids. It’s comfortable and relax-wear and very popular among children. I have to admit, I always have my 15-month old Henry in hoodies because they’re just so cozy.

Denim. Denim is something every child needs. I remember being so excited when I was pregnant with my first son and I bought his very first pair of jeans – size 0-3 months. They were the cutest things ever! Denim right now, especially dark wash denim, is very popular. And the skinny jean, which is made in a variety of sizes… even for babies. If the jean is tapered at the bottom of the leg, you’ve got a great skinny jean. Definitely bring some jeans into your child’s wardrobe.

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