Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween isn't over yet!

Last year I spent over $100 dollars on costumes for my sons. Superman. Indiana Jones. Elmo. And a Red Hot Chilly Pepper. And then... I bought the tins for Trick or Treating. The pumpkin flashlights to see where we were going. And then decorations for all over the house and front yard. I probably spent close to $200. It was my first Halloween as a mother of 4... and I wanted to have some fun decorating and giving the boys some treats... but I quite literally couldn't believe the amount of money I spent. I will say... the boys looked amazing in their costumes last year... and I still can't get over how adorably-cute my little Henry was as a Red Hot Chilly Pepper (he was 4 months at the time).

But after last Halloween... I got smart. They're still young and really don't (100%) understand exactly what they want to be for Halloween (even this year, they "changed" what they wanted to be every other day). Last year, right around this time... I brought them to Target and let them pick out 3 costumes each. 3 costumes at 75-90% OFF! They were in Halloween Heaven! They bought Star Wars Clone Troopers, Spiderman, Indiana Jones (because you need a new one every year), Darth Vader, Hulk and every kind of mask you can imagine! Halloween last year right about now... was done for this year.

Well, we did it again this past weekend. Every place you can possibly buy a Halloween costume from has their items slashed right now. My sons love it because they get so excited to be picking out more than 1 costume. I love it because I'm saving money. Not to mention, my 2 oldest sons celebrate birthdays around this time of year. We always have a Halloween-themed party for them. We bought goodies for their goodie bags - plastic spiders and eyeballs and pumpkins. We bought stickers and placemats and fingertip toys.

I know it's tough to store and save things for a year... but if you're looking for a way to save a lot of money next Halloween and really let your kids go crazy with some Halloween goodies, check out the stores right now! This year the boys wanted to buy some costumes to "play in" throughout the year, which we loved seeing them do. Looks like we'll be having 3 little Star Wars Clone Troopers running around the house. Just remember moms... Halloween isn't over yet!

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