Thursday, December 31, 2009

Get Her Look: Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker - Fashionista. Regardless of her alter ego... Ms. Carrie Bradshaw... Sarah Jessica Parker has become an American icon when it comes to fashion. She is daring. She is classic. She is casually-cool. She is fabulousness. She truly defines FASHION. When I saw this photo of her with 2 of her children (she has one more daughter), I thought to myself... now this is a side of her that ALL mothers identify with... which I think is why she is so popular. Sarah Jessica can go from wearing a couture gown... to walking her son to school with a puffer coat and jeans. She can do it because she's comfortable with fashion. To me... she's untouchable.

Get Her Look:

Knit Hat - Ann Taylor Loft $14.99
Puffer Coat - Macy's $94.99
Wrap Scarf - Top Shop $24.00
Destroyed Denim - 7 For All Mankind $198
Boots - UGG Australia $140

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: A-lister Kids

Model: Violet Affleck
Location:Sunny Los Angeles

What model is wearing: Zebra Thermal Hoodie from Splendid Littles.

Why I loved it: It's great seeing Violet enjoying being a little girl--that means embracing pink and prints. Plus, it's great that anyone can get this look! The set is just $43.80 on the Splendid Littles Site.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Audrey, Nicole and the whole TOTSY TEAM!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Style Mom of the Year

As we wrap up 2009, the moms at Totsy thought it would be fun to pick two "Moms of the Year"--moms that have devoted themselves to family and work and never missed a beat when it comes to style.  My pick is First Lady Michelle Obama.

It's been a while since we've had a fashion icon in the White House.  I love that Michelle (we're on a first name basis in my mind) picks brands that we love (J.Crew, Moschino, etc.) and has a style all her own.  Thank you Michelle for always looking like a lady and instilling good fashion sense in your girls.

Iconic look: sleeveless tops, cardigans, belts, fashion jewelry, kitten heels.
Colors: purple, red, black and white.
Best body part: Toss up between long legs and sculpted arms.
Fashion advice for 2010: Don't be afraid to try higher heels, no one minds if you are taller than the President.

Want more?  Me too!  That's why I love this slide show of Michelle's best looks of 2009 from the L.A.Times.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Winter Fashion

Models: Super-Chic NYC family
Location: Fifth Avenue, NYC

What models are wearing: Down and fur trim. Ralph Lauren on boy, GAP on girl, and Bogner for mom.

Why I loved it: It was frigid in NYC (about 25 degrees) so everyone is bundled up.  What caught my eye--both mom and her tween daughter had chic boots tucked into jeans and fur-trimmed jackets.    I'm loving fur trim right now and hoods are much more practical than hats.  The little boy had on a fur-trimmed hat too (but he wouldn't leave it on for the photo)--so they looked so trendy and coordinated on the sidewalk.  You've got to love a mom that can pull off looking stylish and keeping warm.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Best Gifts for Teachers

With school closing tomorrow (or a few days ago!) for the Holidays, one of the most important people in your child's life who needs a gift is his/her teacher. This special someone is helping your child learn to read, write, add, subtract and just be social in a classroom setting. This person is someone with whom you want to thank for all their hard work and dedication, especially if you child truly loves him or her. It really takes a certain someone to become a teacher... it's not an easy job, and it's so important to make sure they are recognized this Holiday season.

Here are my Top Teacher Gifts for the Holidays (also, you can get these as last minute, too!):

1. Starbucks Gift Card -Link A cup of coffee or tea gets you up and going in the morning! Nothing speaks "coffee" more than Starbucks. What I love about a Starbucks Gift Card is that you can determine how much you want to put on the card. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

2. Cashmere Scarf - Soft. Cozy. Fabulous. There's nothing like a cashmere scarf wrapped around you throughout the winter months. Now you may be thinking - cashmere? Well, you can find some affordable and beautiful options at TJMaxx and/or Marshalls. You can't purchase online, but it's always a safe destination to pop into and get what you need!

3. Office Max Gift Card - It's tough nowadays, most teachers have to supply their classrooms with items out of their own pocket - it's not always easy. An Office Max Gift Card is a gift that will keep on giving... it will help out your child's teacher, and in turn, give back to the classroom.

4. New York Times Bestseller - Teachers love to read. Pick a book that is on the New York Times Bestseller List for a gift. You can't go wrong with one that is loved by the New York Times!

5. Stationery - There's nothing like beautiful stationery, especially if you can find some with your child's teacher's initial or name on it. You can usually find some at Kate's Paperie and/or Hallmark.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide for Moms-To-Be

Finding the perfect gift for an expecting mom isn't easy.  It is not acceptable to get her a baby on board t-shirt and a pair of booties and be done with it.  Holidays are time to spoil your wife/sister/friend. And let's face it, being pregnant during the holidays can be exhilarating and exhausting so treat mom right this year with one of these gifts:

Ingrid & Isabel Ruched Tank ($48)--This little luxury is something she'll want to wear everyday.  The extra-long top caresses the belly and supports all the mom parts that have expanded during pregnancy.  After the baby arrives, the tanks works wonders at keeping mom's body supported. Comes in a variety of colors--why not get one or two!

We're not sure if stretch mark creams actually work, but we love the idea of giving mom something rich and moisturizing to give her stretched out belly a little TLC.  A favorite brand comes from mama mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter ($35). We suggest pairing this with a pedicure of maternal massage for the ultimate pampering package.

This fabulous sweater from Ella Moss ($198) combines fashion and all the colors we love right now.  The kimono style cut will fit through the pregnancy and still look chic after baby arrives. For more Ella Moss ideas check out the online shop.

Something sparkly will always work.  Why not start her out with a Heather Moore charm necklace? The charms can be personalized in silver and gold. Start off with a special date charm or maybe mom's astrological sign. With hundreds of different options available, she'll be able to keep adding charms as the family expands.

Boutique Baby Memory Books such as this one Mother Stork'sBaby Book ($135) make a thoughtful gift.  Mom can start filling in this stylish keepsake in the months leading up to baby's arrival. We suggest pairing this with a gift certificate for a pregnancy photo shoot of mom--treat her like the glamorous woman she is!

Let's not forget her sexy side.  Bravado has a line called Allure that is anything BUT basic.  These lacy bottoms ($22) come in black and ivory and fit perfectly under her bump.  Pair them with the Allure Nursing Bra ($54) for a sophisticated gift that will have her feeling supported and sexy all at once.  Oh and don't forget to ask her out on a hot date for her to debut this set!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Meet Jill Notkin - Owner of Alex Casey Baby Boutique

Meet Jill Notkin, owner of

Inspired by the birth of Alexandra Casey and reinforced by the subsequent birth of Sabrina Dylan, Alex Casey Baby was born out of a mother's love for exceptional baby products. Unlike other e-tailers, Alex Casey Baby presents a simple, un-cluttered, boutique-like shopping experience offering upscale gifts and necessities. We researched the market to find the most whimsical yet functional products available. And now you can find them all clearly displayed in one spot. When you are in search of the perfect gift, give it with a touch of love from Alex Casey Baby. Visit their blog, The Daily Grind of a Work at Home Mom! "Join Us" and get 10% off your order!

1. What one word best describes your current state of mind?

Frenetic. Just kidding. ☺ Calm, as I am pretty organized for the coming weeks.

2. What TV household does your family most resemble?

a. Brady Bunch
b. All in the Family
c. Brothers & Sisters
d. Army Wives
e. The Good Wife
f. Other: ___

Roseanne. We like to keep it real.

3. What term or phrase do you most overuse?

Lates. (as in talk to you later)

4. What are the five things/items you think that new moms (parents) can’t do without (sanity savers)?

• A big swaddling blanket • Plenty of support • Take-out menus • An itty bitty nightlight for midnight feedings • Dr. Ferber

5. Holiday pictures – best tips for getting kids to pose vs. fighting, making faces, running away?

Bribery works really well.

6. What songs and/or books have worked best for bedtime?

The Very Cranky Bear is our current favorite. We’re big Fancy Nancy fans as well.

7. How many miles (of driving duty) have you logged in the past week?

Just enough to get to and from school, to and from the gym, to and from playdates, to and from groups.

8. One thing you want for yourself this holiday season?

I wouldn’t mind an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii. Or a massage.

9. What celebrity best describes your personal style?

a. Jennifer Garner
b. Sarah Jessica Parker
c. Nicole Richie
d. Gwen Stefani
e. Angelina Jolie
f. Victoria Beckham

Jen Garner. I keep it pretty casual.

10. Best parenting resource you would recommend?

In Boston, classes at Isis Maternity are the best gift any new mom can give herself.

11. Follow me on twitter:


12. Current projects that have you engaged and excited -

I keep busy running my online webstore, I’m always writing on my blog, The Daily Grind. And I’m busy lining up new freelance opportunities for the coming year.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Get Her Look: Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie. She's young. She's hip. And she's not afraid of fashion. I would describe Nicole's style as very Boho. She always has some incredible "fashionista" outfit going on... much like a younger version of "Carrie Bradshaw." When it comes to her style, she truly does make it look effortless. That's a pretty difficult thing to master in the world of FASHION. Here she is shopping in Los Angeles yesterday. I have to say - for a young mom, she loves looking good! Keep working it - Nicole!

Get Her Look:

Black Floppy Hat: Fossil $38
White Henley: Ann Taylor Loft $44
Faux Fur Vest: Bloomingdales $62
Black Skinny Pants: Macys $69
Flat Black Boots: DSW $59
Oversized Sunglasses: Roxy $38

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Urban Chic for Kids

Model: 5 y.o. fashionista
Likes: Draw
Location: Brooklyn Pre-School Holiday Bash

What our little model is wearing: cc3design made the dress.

Why I loved it:
We're all about peace, love an harmony, but this camo-dress is simply irresistible. I love that it is layered over leggings and a soft tee making it perfect for school and the playground, but without sacrificing an ounce of style.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Best Hostess Gifts

'Tis the season... Holiday parties are upon us! I love this time of year. People open their homes and their businesses and invite you in for the most lovely parties. Each Holiday season we probably go to about dozen parties... each host/hostess is always so gracious. They welcome you in with open arms and capture the essence of the holiday festiveness through decorations and cheer.

It's always proper to bring a gift for the host/hostess... after all, he/she is opening their home and/or business to you. Sometimes it becomes a little difficult to find the "perfect" gift - especially if you don't know the host/hostess personally.

Here are my TOP 5 Host/Hostess Gifts for the Holidays:

1. Martha Stewart's LIVING Magazine
The most famous hostess of all... Ms. Martha Stewart! I love this idea because the gift keeps being given all year-long, and for a fabulous price - $28. The content and ideas in this magazine are exceptional.Link

2. Personalized Candle from Red Envelope
I love the personalized touch of this gift. There's nothing like a beautiful scented candle... but to see your name on it, it truly just gives it such a sense of elegance. I ordered one of these for one of our neighbor's (who we don't know that well) and they loved it!

3. Holiday Adornment Coordinates
Festive and in true Holiday spirit! Decorations are always a fabulous gift to bring... especially to a Holiday party and something that can be re-used again next year. I love this set because it really does work together beautifully.

4. Family Character MagnetsSomeone gave these to us as a gift last year and we just couldn't get enough of them! So clever! So unique! And... I promise, an unforgettable gift to give someone. I love it because it really does show that you took the time and thought about the "perfect gift. Not to mention... they're just FUN (and easy to order)!

5. Wind Chimes
Every year my parents host a huge Christmas Eve gathering with family and friends. About 5 years ago, someone brought them a Wind Chime as a "thank for you hosting" gift. There has been nothing more soothing and more comforting than the sounds of that Wind Chime throughout the year. It's different... and oh-so-delightful!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Best Holiday Gifts for Your Babysitter

Savvy moms know that showing thanks to the women (and men) that make it possible to be a parent and earn a living. First off, let's talk about full-time caregivers that work regular shifts. Accordign to Emily Post, they should get a holiday tip of "One week’s pay and a gift from your child(ren)."  You'll have to take care of the cash, we'll help you pick a cool gift.

For caregivers on the go, we love the Golla Bags from Finland Golla Mobil Bags are perfect for an iPod or iPhone and will only set you back about $15.

For a trendy sitter I adore these Marc Jacobs wrap bracelets ($78) come in three colors are are sure to punch-up her wardrobe and unlike earrings-she won't have to worry about the kiddies yanking on them!

Many sitters log a lot of miles taking care of the kids.  Treat their feet right with a pair of  Ugg Australia Woman Classic Short Boots ($140). We love this bright Pacific Blue color--but you can't go wrong with a classic brown or black.

Coffee lover always appreciate gift cards to the local java shop.  Pair the gift with a personalized photo mug of her with your kids.  From $13.99 on Shutterfly.

These super soft, Room It Up Fun Flower cozy fleece throws can help you check off the teenage sitter on your list. They'll love curling up in a plush blanket to watch movies or study. ($22)

Totsy Twitter Party With Joe's Jeans

We know you are busy with all the holiday cheer--but I bet you can find a few minutes to talk about fashion and maybe win a pair of Joe's Jeans. is hosting a Twitter party tonight, Monday, December 14 at 9 pm EST, to kick off the Joe's Jeans sale on the site.

Join the fun by RSVPing below and following #totsyparty tonight. Hosts will be Nicole Feliciano @Momtrends and Audrey McClelland @audreymcclellan--the two Totsy Moms that blog about the intersection of fashion and motherhood. We'll be talking about ways to save you and your family money while keeping you looking great.

Join the Party

Please join the hosts Nicole Feliciano and Audrey McClelland on Monday night from 9 to 10 p.m. EST on Twitter as share our top gift picks for the season. We'll be tweeting gift suggestions for the family and giving away fabulous prizes. But you've got to enter to win. Click here for your invite code. You must be a Totsy member in order to win so sign up now and leave a comment or a linky for us.

* To join us chat with the hashtag #TotsyParty
* Follow the hosts for the night @MyTotsy, @AudreyMcClellan and @momtrends
* RSVP below and enter to win one of four prizes including Totsy Gift Cards and Joe's Jeans for kids.

Bonus Entries:

1. Follow @MyTotsy on Twitter
2. Become a fan of Totsy on Facebook.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Meet Colleen Padilla - Founder of

Colleen Padilla, the founder and editor of lives in the Philly suburbs and is a full time mom for her 2 children, Mackenzie (3) and Kyle (1). Colleen has been featured on Fox News, Good Morning America, The New York Times, Parenting Magazine, local Philadelphia ABC, CBS, and NBC programs. She has also appeared in a TV special about Alpha Moms on South Korea's NBC affiliate SBS. Today, Classy Mommy is an indispensable website for moms featuring fabulous products that can be easily accessed in one of the largest catalogs of independent baby product reviews on the Web with over 1400 product reviews, fabulous giveaways for readers, and lively videos.

Colleen has a B.A. in Anthropology and an MBA, both from Cornell University. She has worked in Corporate America for Ford Motor Company, Wells Fargo, and Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceuticals. In her spare time, when she's not blogging or taking care of the kiddies, she loves to go for a run, escape with a fabulous book, or spend time in the outdoors with her husband.

Not to mention... she's one of my (Audrey) best friend's! I'm so excited to be featuring Colleen today!

1. What one word best describes your current state of mind?


2. What TV household does your family most resemble?
a. Brady Bunch
b. All in the Family
c. Brothers & Sisters
d. Army Wives
e. The Good Wife
f. Other: _______

None of the below.... although I'm never good at popular culture references. We're just the classic family. Two Kids. 1 girl 1 boy. All we're missing is the white picket fence!

3. What term or phrase do you most overuse?

I totally over use the word Totally. Isn't that fabulous? And yes fabulous is another word I totally overuse.

4. What are the five things/items you think that new moms (parents) can’t do without (sanity savers)?

1. The Internet (it's your connection to the outside world!)
2. DVD's - as long as you don't over use the free entertainment it really will be a massive sanity saver in the years to come!
3. A good nursing Bra
4. Puffs. Will keep toddlers busy in the stroller. And hey if Moms wants a snack she can eat almost a whole jar and only consume 25 calories!
5. the Snack trap

5. Holiday pictures – best tips for getting kids to pose vs. fighting, making faces, running away?

Pass on that appointment at the Mall or witha photographer. Go with photos at home. Under the tree, by the fireplace, or outdoors in your backyard with the Winter landscape as a backdrop. You can schedule on your time table that works with potential cranky toddlers or unpredictable preschoolers. Plus, they'll be in an environment that makes them comfortable. With today's awesome digital cameras that let us take pics at home again and again until we get the perfect shot, this saves money and is easier and less stressful on the kids & Mom!

6. What songs and/or books have worked best for bedtime?

Goodnight Moon, Kitten's First Full Moon, Imagine a Night - gorgeous pictures!

7. How many miles (of driving duty) have you logged in the past week?

Hardly any! I've only been to the Pediatrician! The week started out with Kid #1 getting sick and now near the end of the week Kid #2 has succumb to our latest bout of illness. I feel housebound. Hopefully, someday when the kids are older I'll be complaining about the constant shuttling to and fro and wishing for my housebound days with cuddly cozy toddlers.

8. One thing you want for yourself this holiday season?

I'd love a Kindle.

9. What celebrity best describes your personal style?
a. Jennifer Garner
b. Sarah Jessica Parker
c. Nicole Richie
d. Gwen Stefani
e. Angelina Jolie
f. Victoria Beckham

Jennifer Garner. Although, I'm not sure if I pull it off! I've totally loved her for years since she 1st started in Alias and before she was a mega star.

10. Best parenting resource(s) you would recommend?

1. For Pregnancy and new Moms: Baby Center are two fo my favorite Baby and Parenting related websites. As for books for Moms to be and New Moms, I highly recommend Pregnancy Week by Week: To keep track of your every step of your pregnancy. Can I recommend my own website? Lots of cool product finds if you like to shop for tots, kids, or Mom!
2. The Baby Book by Dr Sears: A super resource for every worry or health concern a new Mom might have about their child from birth to 2 years.
3. Healthy Habits, Healthy Sleep: For those new parents who are just discovering what it means to be sleep deprived and wondering how to figure out their baby's schedule or how to get their infant to nap or sleep, this book is a wonderful resource of tips to help parents recognize the tired signals. It also offers a middle of the road approach to setting a babies schedule that I think fits most lifestyles and is a happy balance of being neither to strict as far as sticking to routine nor too easy going as far as letting the baby rule the roost.

11. Follow me on twitter:


12. Current projects that have you engaged and excited:

Super excited to have just participated in a large toy drive for Toys for Tots with local Philly area Mom bloggers and Moms. I'm loving bringing the blogging and online connections with Moms & companies into real life events. I'm also hoping to write a book! I just need to find a publisher!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Get Her Look: Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani... the world's best ROCK and ROLL MAMA! There's something so innately cool about Gwen Stefani. Whenever I see photos of her (with or without her kids) you can tell she has fun with fashion. She's not afraid of color or boldness or making statements. She's a true FASHIONISTA... she loves fashion. When I saw this photo of her (see above), I thought to myself... "Now here's a typical MOM shot of Gwen." Her children were with her... just not in the photo, and I just loved the "regular-ness" about this outfit -- but still mixing it with that ultra-cool "rocking" factor. She's just got it.

Get Her Look:

Athletic Zip-up Jacket - Dick's Sporting Goods
Red Turtleneck Sweater - Norway Sports
Boyfriend Jeans - GAP
Oversized Sunglasses - OC Shades
White Ribbon Belt - The Ribbon Factory

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: High Style at Scholastic Store

Model: Naima
Likes: Dance!
Location: Scholastic Flagship Store, Soho New York

What our little model is wearing: I was attending the book party for Beautiful Ballerina
the new book by Marilyn Nelson.  The book celebrates dance and hard work.  Award-winning actress Lynn Whitfield was the celebrity reader and the audience was treated to a gorgeous performance by the young dancers in from the Dance Theater of Harlem. The audience was loaded with mesmerized little girls.  Naima got dressed up a bit for the performance in a H&M gray jumper dress and navy underpinning.  She paired it with black knee-high boots that were embellished with flowers (boots are from Daffy's).

Why I loved it:
Naima looked fancy, trendy and totally ready to dance. In fact, I had a hard time getting a great shot because she kept copying the moves from the performance.  Her savvy mom obviously knows how to shop in NYC. She worked key trends of the season (the color gray, tall boots)into the outfit.  It comes as no surprise that Naima is a children's model--her cuteness was contagious.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Designer Baby Gear for the Holidays

If you have a baby, you know you need the GEAR! From taking strolls out and about town... to playtime at home... to naptime... to travel... to eating out... ahh, baby gear is a necessity! There are some fabulous selections available that truly do bridge style, comfort and function.

Here are my TOP 5 Picks:

Kokopax Carrier -

Fabulous way to carry your baby (hands-free) in style. This carrier is designed to be worn like a backpack. It's solid, 100% cotton canvas, soft and cozy for baby and easy to transport. It also comes in a variety of different styles... my favorite is the Sailor.

Tripp Trapp Highchair by Stokke -
The Tripp Trapp is the "Cadillac" of highchairs! My Henry LOVES his Tripp Trapp. It allows him to sit right at the table with everyone else - there is no big, bulky tray attached. It's lightweight, convenient, easy to wash and grows with your child. I can even sit in the Tripp Trapp! It also provides (which is an added bonus!) correct ergonomic support for your child.

Peg Perego Si Lightweight Stroller -
Looking for a fabulous lightweight stroller? The Peg Perego Si Lightweight Stroller is what you need and want. It's super easy to open and close, has a 3-position backrest, a footrest (!) and accepts a carseat! It's like hitting the jackpot. It's a no-hassle way to transport your child... I mean, you can carry this stroller (closed) with one-hand - that's pretty cool.

Rockin' Baby Slings -So many mothers (and fathers) like to wear their babies. There is something so natural about babywearing... it's truly an incredible thing. What I love about Rockin' Baby Slings is that they are the epitome of fashion meets function. The slings all come in fabulously chic and hip prints... they are beautiful! Rockin' Baby Slings are the kind of item you'll have on... and everyone will love (and want one!) it. Embrace your inner fashionista... and wear on!

Travel Car Seat Stroller -
Traveling with your baby isn't always easy... especially if you're taking a plane or a train. I have fallen in love with this Travel Car Seat Stroller. With 4 boys... we can't go anywhere without car seats... but they're big and bulky to lug around. When we headed to Disney last May - I bought these Travel Car Seat Strollers for the boys - HEAVEN. You can keep your child safe and sound in their car seat while pushing them. It's easy and convenient.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Designer Baby Fashions for the Holidays

We all love to splurge on our kids at the holidays. For many moms, that means hunting down a special item for baby to be photographed in for the holidays. Thankfully more and more designers are combining comfort and style for seasonal dressing.

For boys, I love the holiday plaid pant set with navy cardigan ($125 for set) from Ralph Lauren. Yes, it is a tad pricey, but it is so sweet for Baby's first Christmas.

Next up for your little angel, a matching two Crown Two-Piece set from Juicy Couture ($78). I adore this. It looks so comfortable yet has a touch of holiday bling thanks to the allover goldtone polka-crown print. Guess what else? Unlike that fancy velvet dress you were going to buy, this outfit is machine washable.

For many parents, smocking is a traditional holiday look.  Little English has long been a favorite of the southern crowd, but I say the hand-sewn appeal is obviously going to attract moms from all over the country, but what you might not think about is comfort.  The santa dress is so sweet--an heirloom really--and the swingy loose cut is easy to wear all day long($69).  The Longall ($65) is a sure to be a crowd pleaser and little boys will adore the fire truck theme.  Though it looks dressy, the oufit is quite comfortable and 100% cotton.

And I have to sneak in one more baby outfit.  This white Angel Sweater from ($96) make me think of having more babies, just so I can buy this.  100% baby alpaca with detachable wings.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Meet Kristin Swensen Co-Editor Bon Bon Rose Girls

Online window shopping for designer baby apparel and high-end mom fashions is so much fun.  If you try to keep up on fashion trends, make it a point to stop by Bon Bon Rose.  This blog is run by two southern fashionistas with a great eye (hey NBC? need another reality show--send these girls shopping!).  Check out this ruffle post.  Thank you Kristin Swensen (on of the editors) for providing things witty and pretty for moms to enjoy and for answering our Totsy Mom questionnaire.

1. What one word best describes your current state of mind?
My little dude has me in quite a harried state, yet I'm so grateful to be his mama despite the fact that he's running me ragged!

2. What TV household does your family most resemble?

a. Brady Bunch
b. All in the Family
c. Brothers & Sisters
d. Army Wives
e. The Good Wife
f. Wife Swap

I can't say that any of them really describe us. We're pretty normal. I'd say we're not as G rated as the Brady Brunch or as R rated as All in the Family

3. What term or phrase do you most overuse?
I don't know if I'm the only one, but I've started to talk like my hubs. Dominate is a fan favorite of his. As in, I DOMINATED that cheesecake last night. You think I'm kidding. Ah ha ha. I totally dominated it.

4. What are the five things/items you think that new moms (parents) can’t do without (sanity savers)?
I learned the hard way that getting out of the house at least a little bit every day was vital to my insanity. Also, I'm a big fan of bubble baths, date nights, girls only time and occasionally a bottle of bubbly.

5. Holiday pictures – your best tips for getting kids to pose vs. fighting, making funny faces, running away?
Uh oh. You asked the wrong girl. One of us will usually stand next to the camera and ham it up for the dude, but as for getting him to cooperate for a picture that the three of us are in? I'm clueless.

6. What songs and/or books have worked best for bedtime?
We just recently got a set of board books by Studio Mouse that coordinate with a CD that has songs like Itsy Bitsy Spider and Wheels on the Bus. He's loving it!

7. How many miles (of driving duty) have you logged in the past week?
We (when I say we I mean I) carefully chose our home location to include my Mom and Target within a mile, so I don't have to do a ton of driving. Although we did just drive from Florida to the mountains in Georgia for Thanksgiving...with a 17 month old. I know. We're crazy.

8. One thing you want for yourself this holiday season?
I'm all about getting dolled up and going out for an adults only New Year's Eve this year. Last year the hubs and I barely stayed awake until midnight. We were still in infant land.

9. What celebrity best describes your personal style?

a. Jennifer Garner
b. Sarah Jessica Parker
c. Nicole Richie
d. Gwen Stefani
e. Angelina Jolie
f. Victoria Beckham

I would like to think I'm a combo of SJP and Nicole Richie as they're two of my style idols!

10. Best parenting resource you would recommend?
I found a lot of helpful information on The Nest. It was great to be able to communicate with other moms who were going through the same things!

11. Current projects?
My best friend, Megan, and I run a style blog where we cover fashion, decor and everything in between. You'll also find occasional anecdotes about my life as a new(ish) mama.

12. Follow me on twitter at: @gatorgrrl