Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday Shopping Guide for Moms

It’s Cyber Monday—time to scoop up deals on designer baby gear at the best possible prices. Smart moms have a game plan for tackling the holiday shopping season. Here are a few tips for managing your time and money while shopping online for the best gear for baby.

Set a budget:
  • Make a list of every one on your list.
  • Work out a total budget for the holiday.
  • Allocate a set amount on each gift
  • Write down a budget before you start clicking and getting excited about deals.

Get Insider Scoop
  • Private sale sites, like, can provide steep discounts on high end baby gear. They make agreements with brands (such as Dwell Bedding, Cariboo or Hape) to hold short-term sales at discount prices. Join up to these groups and you’ll get insider prices.
  • Follow your favorite brands on Facebook and Twitter today for special deals and price alerts.
  • Give out your email when you shop and sign up for newsletters—but be smart about it. Use a designated shopping email and only check it when you are ready to shop. This keeps your inbox nice and clean.
  • Michelle Madhok, Founder of has a calendar of sample sale sites and a “Deal of the Day" listing.

Making the Purchase
  • Don't be afraid to call customer service and ask for an even better deal.
  • Use the credit card that gives you the most cash back and the best return protection. Bank of America has a Power Rewards program that lets you earn points for travel or get cash back.
  • Use a credit card—when you shop online you are protected by a federal law that covers you for purchases over $50.
  • Before you click buy, check and other coupon code sites to search for more coupon codes.
  • has a host of shipping codes.
Play it Safe
  • Before you start shopping, make sure you’re running the latest and greatest technology and have current anti-viral software running.
  • Never reply to an email inquiry asking for your credit card. If something seems like a phishing scam DO NO REPLY. Call the company and ask for a service rep.
  • Safety Tips from Microsofts’s Tech Mama, Sarah Keeling: When you’re shopping online, make sure your payment websites uses encryption. Look for an “s” after http in the Web address – it should read https: and a tiny closed padlock in the address bar, or at the lower right corner of the window.

Happy shopping!

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