Friday, February 26, 2010

Featured Mom: Lori Falcon - A Cowboy's Wife and My Wooden Spoon

The amazing thing about the blog world is that you get to meet people you never would have met in “real life”… Lori is one of them for me. We met online and became fast friends. One thing that has always intrigued me about Lori is the fact that she does… indeed, live on a ranch and is married to a real life cowboy (and has 3 “son”
cowboys!). Her style reflects this, and I think it’s incredible. Lori’s personal blog, A Cowboy’s Wife, is all about her ranch life, kids, health & fitness, and photography. Her food blog, My Wooden Spoon, is where she shares family recipes and her passion for food photography. Lori is a Kraft Velveeta Ambassador and Spokesblogger, Lifetime Moms Food Editor and one of Walmart’s Eleven Moms. Not to mention, an amazing friend.

1. What one word best describes your current state of mind?


2. What TV household does your family most resemble?

I don't know, I don't watch much TV.

3. What term or phrase do you most overuse?

I know right!?

4. What are the five things/items you think that new moms (parents) can’t do without (sanity savers)?

Phone, Books, Soda, handbags and alone time

5. Family photos – best tips for getting kids to pose vs. fighting, making faces, running away?

Natural settings... after naps and get someone you know to take the photo if possible. All of these make for a more relaxed atmosphere.

6. What songs and/or books have worked best for bedtime?

Cowboy Cody

7. How many miles (of driving duty) have you logged in the past week?

240 miles

8. One thing you want for yourself this year?

The chance to take some photography and photoshop classes so that I can improve and perhaps turn my hobby into something more.

9. What celebrity best describes your personal style?

Gwen Stefani - laid back and relaxed

10. Best parenting resource you would recommend?

I'd have to go with Babycenter, although, twitter is coming in a close second.

11. Follow me on twitter:


12. Current projects that have you engaged and excited:

It has to do with a book...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fall 2010 Trends

I know it's February... well, almost March... but thanks to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, I've been asked non-stop about what the latest (and greatest) trends/styles for Fall 2010 will be. It's funny because even though it's a good 9 months away... people want to know. I just LOVE that about fashion. We can always be looking ahead!

One of my oh-so-favorite trends for the Fall is something that I truly know everyone woman can get "away with." I love trends where I can say this - regardless your age, your size or your shape - you can do it! Those are beautiful words, right? It's not always fun to just see the trends that look good on a 6 foot, size 0 model. Where's the fun in that?

So... drum roll, please! What trend am I just love love loving? The amazing chunky knit scarves, hoodies and hats. I'll tell you - I'm always on my sons to make sure they're bundled up and nice and warm... this is the perfect trend to make sure I'm doing this myself! I love the looks. I love the luxuriousness. I love the comfort factor. Embrace this look for Fall! Jill Stuart, Lacoste, DKNY, Michael Kors... you just nailed it for "every woman."

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fashionable Fun for Moms

These hip moms know all about personal expression. They are among the top mom bloggers in the world.  The best part is they also know how to rock their personal style.  Meet some of the coolest mamas from Mom 2.0 Summit.

Erin Lane from Scandinavian Child in green ethnic-print tunic.

Dresses look modern on Lindsay and Julie.

Kristin aka the Mamanatrix rocked her H&M "leather" jacket

Jenny aka The Bloggess paired uggs with a vintage dress
Rachel is a work of art thanks to some script from Katherine Center.
Julia & Liz sport DVF 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Totsy on Social Media

Are you following us on Twitter?

How about Facebook fans with us?

Cafe Mom?

We're so excited to announce that we're not only on (and in) all these forms of social media, but active on them! We know that moms are busy... and let's face it, our time is very, very precious. We don't always have the "free" time to sit and peruse websites. So... we want to make things as easy as pie for you. (We know because we're busy moms, too!)

We're spreading our wings throughout the world of social media.

We have loved being on Twitter because it truly gives us the opportunity to chat and discuss and engage with customers online. It gives us the chance to hear about what people think about the sales and the site... it gives us the honest and "real" feedback that we love. It's beyond refreshing and helpful. We also host Twitter parties once a month (*Next one being on March 1st!) where we discuss upcoming sales and have tons of fabulous giveaways! Join us if you can! We promise a fun and fabulous hour!

For us, Facebook is a fun way to get to know more people. What we love about Facebook is that most moms who engage in social media are on Facebook. So having a presence on there and being able to see what people are saying and hearing what they want... it's incredible. Plus, we're going to be having special deals just for our Facebook Fans, so if you're not a FAN, become one soon!

And Cafe Mom... we're there! It's been fun having some conversations with some moms and introducing ourselves. So if you're on Cafe Mom, make sure you "meet" up with us!

Connecting is the most important thing to us. We cherish the relationships we make and just love being able to spread the Totsy fabulousness!

So connect with us everywhere... we can't wait to meet you!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Green Week Twitter Party 3/1 9 EST

Green products for moms aren't just a trend. They are here to stay as parents strive to create the best world for their children.  Starting March 1st, is devoting a week's worth of exclusive private sales to eco-friendly items for moms and kids. We've nabbed access to Kate Quinn Organics, Hellolulu, Hape Toys, Baby Frenchy Organics and Little Green Star at discounts that have other private sale sites GREEN with envy.  In honor of the sales event, is hosting a Twitter party, Monday, March 1st at 9 pm EST, to kick off Green Week on the site.

Join the fun by RSVPing below and following #totsyparty the night of the event. Hosts will be Nicole Feliciano @Momtrends and Audrey McClelland @audreymcclellan--the two Totsy Moms that blog about the intersection of fashion and motherhood. We'll be talking about eco-savvy shopping, ways moms can reduce, recycle and re-use, and tweeting with green tips for your family (and hoping you will share yours!).  Oh, did we mention the prizes?  We'll be giving away goodies from a few brands participating in Totsy sales.

Join the Party

Please join the hosts Nicole Feliciano and Audrey McClelland on Monday night from 9 to 10 p.m. EST on Twitter as share our top gift picks for the season. But you've got to enter to win. Click here for your invite code. You must be a Totsy member in order to win so sign up now and leave a comment or a linky for us.

How to join in:
* Become a member (it's free!)
* To join us chat with the hashtag #TotsyParty
* Follow the hosts for the night @MyTotsy, @AudreyMcClellan and @momtrends
* RSVP below and enter to win one of fab prizes.

Bonus Entries:

1. Follow @MyTotsy on Twitter
2. Become a fan of Totsy on Facebook.

Mom 2.0 Summit

The power of mom blogs has never been stronger. Need evidence? Consider the range of blogging conferences targeting women. Why would you want to attend a mom blogger conference? How about affirming that motherhood rocks and cavorting with hundred of insanely talented women.  Last week this Totsy Mom hit the road and flew to Houston, TX to join up with Mom Summit 2.0.

The conference centered on the business side of blogging, but never forgot that there are women (mostly) behind these blogs. We are multi-faceted and fascinating. So there was a little something for every part of us.

Social: A Mad Men Style Party to connect with old friends and meet the new.
Healthy: Moms tried out the latest Wii Fit Plus Yoga session and headed out on a run on the streets of Texas.
Powerful: Heather Armstrong from the insanely popular blog Dooce. Reminded us of something key, “If you are involved in social media you are very powerful.”
Collaborative: Bloggers were encouraged to work with brands to develop unique content campaigns that entertain and inform.
Ambitious:  Write down a clear vision for where you want your business to go and how you are going to integrate this business with your family life.
Over-scheduled: We were warned to use our time wisely and well. Twitter can eat your entire day.  There’s nothing wrong with being entertained, but don’t kid yourself about how you are spending (or perhaps wasting) your time.
Artistic: A evening out at Fotofest let moms immerse themselves in the visual.

This message was sent home thanks to a video conceptualized by author Katherine Center and the women behind Shutter Sisters. Watch the video here:

The essence of the video is this—motherhood matters. All the big and small choices we moms make are impacting our family and the next generation of leaders. Take pride and joy from your dedication to your family.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Meet the Mom: Lucinda Cross

It's baby number three for author and blogger Lucinda Cross.  Lucinda's writing ( focuses on Moms that have left behind corporate jobs for motherhood and are in the process of reinventing themselves. Let's check in to see if she's squared away in other matters of motherhood!

Due Date: June 3rd scheduled C-section (hooray)

If a stranger touched my belly right now I'd: hit them with my pocket book, feeling my belly makes me feel naked.

Career and do you have a post-baby career plan: I will be actively working on promoting my book and Corporate Mom Dropouts as well as pushing my services to support other moms who want to work from home and build their business.

Weirdest food I've craved this pregnancy: Crab legs and apple sauce.

True or false--I can still see my feet: False, I dont know what my feet look like, I only see them when I get ready to sleep...

Favorite maternity fashion splurge: A maternity sweater wrap in Macy's for $100, I love it.

Most worn item of maternity clothing: Leggings and my favorite red shirt that I streched out due to being in denial.

Did you find out the baby's gender? Why or why not? It's a boy! I like to get what I need for the baby and pick names and colors for the room theme.

Planning a babymoon? Where are you headed? We're going to Puerto Rico for 5 days and I can't wait.

Push gifts? Tacky or well-deserved? Well deserved.

I'm passionate about: My business and helping other moms live a lifestlye they love, by building a profitable business. My passion is to impact moms with corporate Mom Dropouts, book, blog and events.

Many mommies to be that are presently working think about the maternity leave and the length of time they can spend with their baby. I say take this time out to think about your passion and how you can start your own business so that you can have the time you need and want to raise your family and your income on your own terms. Take this time to write down your goals and next steps so that you can do what you want , when you want. Sounds easy but the main concern is health insurance, constant flow of income and many other concerns. Well there is support out there for the self employed mompreneur and all it takes is a little action on your part. Give birth to a baby and a business. 

Follow me on twitter: @corpmomdropout

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Susan Sarandon, Demi Moore and Brooke Shields at Donna Karan Show

3 Hollywood beauties... all front row at the Donna Karan show. Susan Sarandon, Demi Moore and Brooke Shields looked like fashion royalty entering the Greenwich Street Studio for Donna Karan's show.

How can you Get Their Look?

Susan Sarandon:

Kohl's - Rare Vintage Plaid Shirts $19.99

Demi Moore:

Basic Boutique $48.50

Brooke Shields

Dillards $99

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Toy Fair Comes to NYC

Finding the best toys for your kids isn't always an easy task.  Toys stores are crowded with offerings and sales help can often be confusing. I toured the aisles of the 2010 International Toy Fair Today scouting out winners.  Here are some of my favorites.

Lifesize dolls invite kids to dance!

Play forts, like this one from Chicco open the doors of imagination.

Corolle dolls are dressed better than the competition.

Hape bamboo blocks are a designers best friend.

Crafts that require NO glue!

Cool recumbent bikes for kids and adults from Mobo.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - Fall 2010

There's NOTHING like Fashion Week is NYC. The best of the best designers debut their amazing (right now) Fall 2010 collections. Fashionistas of all ages and shapes and sizes are out and about showing off their "stuff." And you can just feel the electric VIBE the City gives off. Honestly, there's NOTHING like it. I love love love this time of year!

Being here as a mom fashion blogger, it's very interesting. My litmus test for a fabulous outfit isn't if it just looks good and feels good - but can you change a diaper in it? Moms... you know what I mean. Something can look oh-so-fabulous on a rack, but until it's on... and you're chasing (in my case - 4 boys!) around the house, you need to make sure it can hold up to the test of time/kids/craziness.

So there are 5 things I have taken away from being here during the Fall 2010 Fashion Week, which seem oh-so doable for any/every mom:

1. Black is going to be a "hot" color of Fall. This is very GOOD news for us moms trying to conceal anything "extra."

2. HATS ARE IN! So excited about this one. After all, we tell our kids all the time to wear their hats! Finally we can be fashionable fit for any "chilly" occasion.

3. Cable knits are chic. Oh, my... gorgeous and luxurious cable knits graced the Jill Stuart runway in full and fabulous abandon! I loved it.

4. Hoods, who knew!? Hoods donned many a models down the runway this week. I was shocked by it... but thoroughly enjoying it. I'm not all about the hoods, but seeing them on these beautiful models, I thought to myself - I could get used to this.

5. NYC vibe. I live in a small New England town - there is a fabulous mix of fashionistas and not-so-fashionistas. One thing I loved about walking away from some of the shows was the sense and vibe and inspiration of NYC in many of the clothes. It's something that is a beautiful and special thing to see and feel... and soon, wear!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Vancouver Games

The Vancouver Games are a phenomenal enterprise that is worthy of sharing with your family. What's not to love about a global celebration of sport that is peaceful and inspires our kids to be active and committed. Whether you are a fan of the Olympics or looking for an outstanding family destination, here are some fun facts on both.

Olympic Trivia:
The first Winter Olympic Games were held in1924 in Chamonix, France.
Norway has won 280 medals--more than any other country in the winter games.
Fifteen Sports will be contested in the games with 86 medal events
85 countries are set to compete this year.
NBC is covering the games. For a list of results and schedules go here. 

Vancouver Facts and Figures:
Vancouver is located in Canada's British Columbia and is situated on the Pacific Ocean with Mountains skirting the city.
Population sits at 2.3 million, but the city is well planned and never feels crowded. Public parks and bike paths abound and this is an easy city to navigate without having to rent a car.
But don't just stay in the city--there are 972 parks in the province of B.C.
Families won't want to miss an excursion to Stanley Park the cities sprawling greenspace.
Bring your rain gear.  Everything is green for a reason.

Highlights from Vancouver:
Catching the final hours of the 160-day Olympic Torch Relay.  Over this period about 12,000 people had the chance to carry the Olympic Torch from Ancient Olympia to Vancouver, BC. All in, the 28,000-mile journey hit almost every corner of this country--including an igloo-shaped church in the very distant and sparsely populated north.

Witnessing the glorious Opening Ceremony at BC Place. Supposedly the Canadian team worked with a 20 million dollar budget (a meager sum compared to what Japan spent a few years ago), so the Canadians focused on star power, creativity and ENERGY.  We were all shrouded in white capes to meet the vision of Artistic Director David Atkins and given lights to shine from the stands.

Spending a few moments in quiet reflection by the Olympic Flame before heading home from my trip. I thought of the Georgian athlete that died, and all the competitors that devote so much of their lives in the pursuit of glory.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Featured MOM: Kathy Ireland

Kathy Ireland spoke at the Disney Social Media Moms event on Friday, February 12th. I "know" Kathy well from seeing her on the wall of brother's room! Ironically enough, she was on my husband's bedroom room wall, too!

Kathy graced the staged and spoke to over 150 women about her business, being a mother and how she uses social media.

To say her story was inspirational is an understatement. She was incredible. She was magnetic. And her passion for her business was contagious!

I wanted to feature Kathy Ireland on the Totsy blog today because I truly feel she embodies the "trifecta" we all strive to accomplish... family, faith and work. She was very honest in saying that she doesn't know how to balance it all... but that she tries, every single day.

It's amazing to write this... her lifestyle line - Kathy Ireland Worldwide is a 1.4 BILLION dollar company. BILLION. That's some pretty hard work and dedication and determination. She's all about finding solutions through her products for families. She's making life easier... for us all.

There's one thing Kathy said that I would like to end this blog post with... "All that you give, is all that you get." I thought that was a beautiful way to define motherhood, life, work and happiness. She truly is an amazing woman... and I am so glad to have met her.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Help Electrolux Support Ovarian Cancer Research

There are many causes that are near and dear to my heart. The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund is one of them. For the last 8 years, I have attended the amazingly-cool Super Saturday event in Hamptons (a huge designer garage sale) where 100% of the proceeds from all sales go to the OCRF. It means that much to me to be there and support the cause.

When I heard that Electrolux Appliances was supporting the Ovarian Research Cancer Fund, I knew I wanted to help spread the word. And Electrolux is doing it in the most unique of ways!

Kelly Ripa (who is the Electrolux brand ambassador) and Buddy Valastro (love him!) from TLC's "Cake Boss," have teamed up with Electrolux to host Kelly's Cake Off for a Cause in support of the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. On February 9th, 5 teams of baking lovers took part in Kelly's Cake Off by decorating their own cakes. (My husband... yes, my husband would have loved to have been there watching the "Cake Boss" himself give some decorating direction!)

Well... starting TODAY, if you head over to Kelly-Confidential, you can cast your vote for your favorite cake from Kelly's Cake Off. This is the ultra-amazing part:for every vote cast, Electrolux will donate $1 to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund as part of its $500,000 commitment to help fight ovarian cancer . How incredible is this? You can also check it out at the Facebook page or follow them on Twitter (hashtag #CakeOff).

Picture 1

You can also get into some virtual cake decorating, too, and get tips/tricks from Buddy himself! My sons will absolutely love this! All visitors to can decorate and send virtual cakes to friends and family. Each day you send a cake, Electrolux will donate another $11 to OCRF and YOU’LL be entered to win a new induction range, every baker’s dream!

Everyone has the ability to truly play a huge role in this effort.

So helps us spread the word! Every $1 helps in the fight against Ovarian Cancer. If you mention this information on your blog, please email me ( with the link. Everyone who blogs about this amazing cause will be entered to win a new a brand NEW Induction Range from Electrolux!

About OCRF:
The mission of the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund is to fund research to find a method of early detection and ultimately a cure for ovarian cancer. In support of our mission, we help patients and their loved ones understand the disease and its treatment, and provide outreach programs to raise public awareness. The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization. For more information, visit

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Olympic Moms

Did you know there are only six moms heading to the Olympics? No I'm not talking about the ones on the sidelines.  I'm talking about the ones competing.  Here's the breakdown of the US talent pool:

Skeleton racer: Noelle Pikus-Pace (top left) has a 2-year-old daughter.  This bobsledder is teaming up with Pampers as a sponsor!

Curling: Natalie Nicholson is one of three Minnesota moms on the curling team.  Her two year old daughter, Stella, will cheer from home.  Joining Natalie are Allison Pottinger (mother of two girls) and  alternate team member Tracy Sachtjen (mother of two--a daughter and son).

Alpine Skiing: Sarah Schleper has a 2-year-old son and will be the only mom on the slopes. I'm inspired how this mom has financed much of her own training and has the support of a stay-at-home dad.

Women's hockey team: Jenny Potter is the mother of two and the alternate captain.  She is a four time Olympian, and has three medals in her closet.  She's on the hunt for her second gold.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mom Blogging Conferences

This past weekend I headed south to Nashville, TN for the amazing Blissdom Conference headed up by Alli Worthington, Barbara Jones and Paula Bruno.

I had been to Nashville once before in high school for a Junior National Swim Meet. I remember being there and loving the "vibe" of Nashville. People "up here" don't usually wear cowboy boots and/or cowboy hats, so I was excited to be heading back... (of course, this time as an adult).

Oddly enough, I didn't see Nashville. Not once. I was in Nashville - my plane landed... I walked to the curb of the airport... got into the designated car for me... and then was driven to the Opryland Hotel. Cue the music and dim the lights... the hotel was spectacular! (Side note: I did leave the hotel - for a quick 2 mile run around the parameter of the hotel with my running girls - Christine, Allison and Marie).

I spent the next 4 days and 3 nights inside the Opryland Hotel, which hosted Blissdom.

If you've never been to a mom blogging conference, I highly suggest you go to one, especially if you're a mom blogger. To be in the atmosphere of amazing women writers and bloggers is exhilarating. I had the honor to speak on 3 different panels - vlogging, niche blogging and evoling into a professional blogger. It was fascinating to listen and hear and share with over 450 women... all women who "get" what I do - because they're doing the same thing. There's something special about that.

My personal area of focus is fashion for moms. I love waking up every single morning able to blog and/or vlog about fashion advice for moms and soon - fashion advice for kids. I have really tried to carve out a section of this vast internet space for myself... and hone in on something that I love. For me, there's nothing else better in the world. I honestly couldn't ask for a better job. It was amazingly contagious to be in the room with other bloggers who feel the same exact way about their own blogs. To know that what you're writing makes a difference... and you're connecting and engaging through this great medium with (the possibility) of reaching millions. It's utterly amazing. And it was amazing to ponder that thought with other mom bloggers.

There are 4 "rules" to follow if you're thinking of getting into blogging:

1.) Write about what you love.
2.) Meet other bloggers - conferences, meet-ups, online, etc.

3.) Blog as much as you can, the frequency of your posts determine how "popular" you will be.
4.) Make sure your content is original.

Blissdom was everything I thought it would be and more. Whenever I head to an event - which is going to take me away from my family - I have high expectations. If I'm going to be away from my family, I want whatever I am going to to be worth it. Blissdom was that and beyond. From inspiring bloggers and speakers... to delicious food... to fabulous dancing... to wonderful networking and connections... to feeling a true sense of belonging... it was top notch. Everything was brilliantly done.

So Nashville... I'm sorry I wasn't able to see more of you - there's always next year!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Moms' Night Out Ideas

Play dates are great for socializing baby and getting mom connected with a mom network. But moms also need to plan time away from the kids.  Some moms plan them monthly, others put together a yearly girls weekend. Whatever you can pull off--we say do it! Here are some ideas:
Spa Outings. Back in December Suave approached me about throwing a "Girls Night Out" party.  They provided me with a budget for food, drink and a hairdresser, all I had to do was find moms ready for a night of pampering. As the stylist tamed our tresses, we drank cava and nibbled on a shrimp salad. While Suave might not sponsor your event, many local salons are happy to provide group rates and will let you open a bottle of wine while you get spoiled.
Join a book club. Put the date on your calendar and enlist a grandparent, spouse or partner to watch the kids as you head out for literary conversation.
Knitting circles are all the rage. has listing across the nation of groups that sit and knit.  Not necessarily moms, this will help you get crafty and a bit of adult conversation. Needle craft events are also called "Stitch and B*&^%" sessions.

Bowling is always good for laughs--especially when I am around.  This is one sport where being a novice won't slow the group down.

Live Music. Remember back before the kids when you went to concerts?  You can regain some of your cool again.  Head to or check out your local paper and find an appealing concert.  Then put on high heels, red lipstick and get your groove on.

Quick Fix
And if you simply can't find a sitter, we've got a way to connect with your gal pals once the kiddies are asleep. Jyl from Mom it Forward plans a weekly Twitter party on Monday nights from 9-11 EST.

After you have a GNO or two under your belt, I promise you'll start to get addicted to the comaraderie--from there get ready to plan a bigger undertaking.
Plan a Girlfriend Getaway.  Did you know there is an entire magazine devoted to travel without men and kids! Budget Traveler launched Girlfriend Getaways just for our target audience. Some deals start as low as $145 (A night's stay plus horseback riding in Kansas).  Check out this list of Fresh-Air ideas that are all budget oriented.

Combine fitness and fun. Put a 5k or fitness walk on your calendar and then enlist a group of girlfriends to train for the event.  Need inspiration?  Check out  A group of Mom bloggers are training for "The Relay"--a 200 mile long relay race from the Calistoga Beverage Company in Napa Valley, across the Golden Gate Bridge at midnight, to finish on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. 12-member teams run 36 legs (3 legs per runner, 3-8.9 miles each) through 36 cities. I'm not suggesting you need something this time-consuming.  Start off with a 5k and then a celebratory brunch with pals.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Meet the Mom: Phyllis Rabinowitz


We love a motivated mom.  When Phyllis Rabinowitz suffered a tragic loss of her child she took action to prevent the same devastation from hitting another family. She co-founded the R Baby Foundation. R Baby Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that newborn babies, primarily those in the first month of life suffering from viral infections and other infectious diseases, receive the highest quality of care and service through supporting education, research, treatment, training and life-saving equipment. As Co-president of R Baby Foundation, Phyllis brings innovation and strategic thinking to the foundation through her seven years of experience as a consumer products marketing leader.

We picked Phyllis to highlight because she is all about getting moms active--both behind important causes and physically. For instance, R Baby holds an annual run/walk to raise funds on Mother's Day. Last year the NYC event raised over $650,000 and got thousands of moms out to the park for a 5K jaunt.

What one word best describes your current state of mind? Excited

What term or phrase do you most overuse? 'To be honest....'

What is the best advice you would give a new mom? Please keep perspective on what is
important....don't get frazzled over the little things.....also enjoy the small moments since they are priceless. My favorite moments these days are watching my two sons hug or have a dance party in our living room.

What items do you think that new moms can't do without?
-Gas drops for new moms
-Portable toys/crayons for meals out
-Non-skid socks
-Blackberry games when out with older kids

What do you do in your precious down time to recharge your batteries? Nothing recharges like a 15 minute nap!!

What are you currently reading? I just found out I am having my 3rd I bought the book 'how to raise a gentleman'!!

Any New Year's Resolutions? My husband and I have a fun tradition where we make up New Year's resolutions for the other person. I felt bad since after I told him his, he didn't have one yet for me (not that I don't need it--just think he was being nice to the pregnant wife :) I'm still waiting for mine!

Why did you decide on a Run/Walk to help raise awareness for the R Baby Foundation?  Three reasons: 
1.) It's a fun day for the whole family to do something together for a charity that focuses on keeping families together.
2.) We hope to touch and reach as many people as we can in NYC so there is something for everyone that day...a run, a walk, kids races, a family festival with live entertainment, nike and appleseeds activities, giveaways and so much more.
3.) It's free to come to festival and the run/walk is around $30, so we feel we can raise more awareness getting more people engaged vs an expensive plate dinner in this economy. We are looking forward to more than 10,000 people attending the Run/Walk this year!

We hear you are expecting? What are some of your pregnancy must-haves?
Splendid can wear after pregnancy too,  BellaBand beacuse it rounds out any lumpy jean and Dusters (those open shirts that go over any tight tee).

Follow me on Twitter here: @rbabyfoundation

Current projects that have you engaged and excited: The R Baby Foundation sponsored POISE program that stands for Patient Outcome In Simulation Education. We funded this project with one of our many grants that focus on improving pediatric emergency care. The POISE program allows new doctors to practice their skills on a baby mannequin that responds like a real live baby before trying new procedures on a real baby for their first time when mistakes happen.

Its already proven successful and now we have 10 hospitals participating to train many new doctors and prove that this type of training should be mandatory since it is so effective. Simulation training is prevalent in adult healthcare and other industries (imagine letting a pilot fly your plane for the first time without practicing first!) R Baby Foundation is hoping to bring it in a big way to infant healthcare. To read about this or any of our other grants visit

This yearPhyllis Rabinowitz and a few top mompreneurs of New York will honor the work of R Baby Foundation at round-table conversation. The theme is Passions, Priorities and Community. Join her on Friday, March 5, 2010. For more details on the event click here.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Versatile Items to Pack for a Trip

I'm not used to packing (just) for myself... I'm used to packing for 5 people total. I pack for myself and my 4 sons... every time we go on vacation. I don't know how or why my husband seems to get off the "hook," but he does. I pretty much have it down to a science at this point. I make a list for each boy (and for myself), and go-go-go tossing and putting everything into suitcases. (Yes, each boy has their own little suitcase!)

So... it's odd, now... packing for myself. I'm just not used to it. I'm almost thinking I need to pop some diapers into my bag just to make it feel like "home."

I'm heading to Nashville, TN for the Blissdom Conference. I'm only going away for 4 nights, so I don't want to pack too much, or too little. So the question then becomes - How do you pack for a trip without over packing? I say it all comes down to packing versatile pieces. Items that are going to work in a variety of ways. I'm asked all the time by moms "What qualifies as versatile?"

This is what I usually suggest:

Sweater Wrap

I love these items because you can mix and match so many items. It's the easiest way to travel... and the easiest way to pack. And then you can add some "spice and personal style" by adding some accessories.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Places to Meet Other New Moms

We all need to have a Mommy Time Out from the kids. Whether you are brand new to motherhood or the mom of ‘tweens and teens, all Moms need time away from the little people to unwind and vent a little. Smart moms know the power of friendship and mommy groups. Here are a few ways to connect with other moms both in person and via the web:

Join a New Mom’s Group: Start at your church or local community center or look into a online group. In New York City, Metropolitan Moms organizes outings and regular classes for moms and babies.  In Minneapolis, hip moms go to Mom Culture to plan outings aimed at providing a cultural fix. Parents in Boston rely on Boston Mamas for outing ideas--from book readings to theater performances.

Fitness: New moms are eager to reclaim their prebaby figures.  Why not build your mommy network as you build muscles and bond with baby! Stroller Strides are fitness classes for mom and baby.  The national program has franchises everywhere.  If swimming is your thing, look into a Mommy and Me class at your local YMCA or gym.  Once baby is 3 months, you can have a family splash down.  Yoga classes are idea for getting your core toned up.  In New Moms rely on the Baby & Me classes at Mala Yoga for a playdate full of downward dogs and giggles.

If the thought of an organized outing seems a little overwhelming, I suggest heading to the local coffee shop, park or playground. Wear a smile (and your baby) and you'll start meeting new moms in no time at all.

Online Options: Working moms often only have nighttime hours to bond with gal pals.  Thank goodness a slew of virtual groups provide support and saucy conversation.  Newbies to the world of social networking will love the ease of Cafe Mom for meeting moms with similar interests.

Once you've gotten the hang of this, you might consider Twitter Moms (for moms that want to keep their messages short and sweet--140 characters or less) is a fun group and you can join in the fun without having to leave the house or commit to a lengthy chat.

Remember you are not alone in your quest to get your baby to eat, sleep and communicate.