Friday, December 18, 2009

Meet Jill Notkin - Owner of Alex Casey Baby Boutique

Meet Jill Notkin, owner of

Inspired by the birth of Alexandra Casey and reinforced by the subsequent birth of Sabrina Dylan, Alex Casey Baby was born out of a mother's love for exceptional baby products. Unlike other e-tailers, Alex Casey Baby presents a simple, un-cluttered, boutique-like shopping experience offering upscale gifts and necessities. We researched the market to find the most whimsical yet functional products available. And now you can find them all clearly displayed in one spot. When you are in search of the perfect gift, give it with a touch of love from Alex Casey Baby. Visit their blog, The Daily Grind of a Work at Home Mom! "Join Us" and get 10% off your order!

1. What one word best describes your current state of mind?

Frenetic. Just kidding. ☺ Calm, as I am pretty organized for the coming weeks.

2. What TV household does your family most resemble?

a. Brady Bunch
b. All in the Family
c. Brothers & Sisters
d. Army Wives
e. The Good Wife
f. Other: ___

Roseanne. We like to keep it real.

3. What term or phrase do you most overuse?

Lates. (as in talk to you later)

4. What are the five things/items you think that new moms (parents) can’t do without (sanity savers)?

• A big swaddling blanket • Plenty of support • Take-out menus • An itty bitty nightlight for midnight feedings • Dr. Ferber

5. Holiday pictures – best tips for getting kids to pose vs. fighting, making faces, running away?

Bribery works really well.

6. What songs and/or books have worked best for bedtime?

The Very Cranky Bear is our current favorite. We’re big Fancy Nancy fans as well.

7. How many miles (of driving duty) have you logged in the past week?

Just enough to get to and from school, to and from the gym, to and from playdates, to and from groups.

8. One thing you want for yourself this holiday season?

I wouldn’t mind an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii. Or a massage.

9. What celebrity best describes your personal style?

a. Jennifer Garner
b. Sarah Jessica Parker
c. Nicole Richie
d. Gwen Stefani
e. Angelina Jolie
f. Victoria Beckham

Jen Garner. I keep it pretty casual.

10. Best parenting resource you would recommend?

In Boston, classes at Isis Maternity are the best gift any new mom can give herself.

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12. Current projects that have you engaged and excited -

I keep busy running my online webstore, I’m always writing on my blog, The Daily Grind. And I’m busy lining up new freelance opportunities for the coming year.

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