Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tutu Pour Mon Deux... tutus for GIRLS!

If you have a little girl... you must... absolutely MUST get her a tutu shirt. With 4 sons... I haven't been able to personally buy any of my children tutus (they may kill me), but I have bought them for my nieces and some very special little lady's in my life. Tutus are just uber-girly and fun and chic and adorable... I can't say enough about them! They're fabulous! I loved wearing them when I was a little girl. My sister and I would perform little dances for my parents... so much fun for kids.

My new favorite "fun" destination for gifts for girls is (which I know about 8 women having girls all due in Nov and Dec, so I will be getting some tutu shirts soon!)... Tutu Pour Mon Deux.

Tutu Pour Mon Deux is exquisite! They take tutus to a whole new fashionable level... tutu shirts! They take a band of tulle and colorful ribbon and attach it to the bottom of either a sleeveless or long sleeved shirt. Then they take a fun and unique image and iron it onto the bodice... which, viola! - creates a true-one-of-a-kind tutu shirt.

The best part... you design what you want on it! You choose the color, the style and the image on front... it's super easy and super fun to do with your daughter.

Each tutu shirt is handmade... the craftsmanship is superb and the quality is amazing. The little lady in your life can run, play, jump and roll with her tutu shirt on... there's nothing she can't do in it!

How absolutely adorable is this one...

One of the best parts for me to see what that Tutu Pour Mon Deux gives back... I personally think that is one of the most amazing things about their company. $10 per tutu is donated to the Children's Hospital Boston. How incredible, right?

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