Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Designer Sunglasses on SALE!

It's our BEACH WEEK at Totsy! We were just at the beach this past weekend for some R&R. My beach daze (or days!) are a little different as a mother... my beach bag consists of toys and goggles and shovels and pails. Not to mention... extra swim suits for the boys and lots of lotion! It's all about the kids now... ! As much as I want my children to be comfortable and (dare I say it)... stylish (they all wear the same suits!) - I want to be comfortable and stylish, too!

On Totsy.com (right now!) there are designer sunglasses. What better way to feel comfortable and stylish... right? The selections are fabulous - Juicy Couture, Tom Ford, Roberto Cavalli, Technomarine and Blinde fabulous styles at amazing prices.

So... fashionable moms... what pairs catch your fancy?

Here are mine...
**Don't forget! Tomorrow night is our BEACH THEME TWITTER PARTY!! Hashtag #totsyparty from 9-10PM! **

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