Monday, June 28, 2010

4 Must Have Looks for this Summer as seen in Europe

I'm VERY lucky at Totsy to have an amazing (I mean, AMAZING!) Marketing Assistant, Jenn. She's wonderful and full of great ideas. Jenn recently had the incredible opportunity to go to Europe for a month long trip with her college. The experience was priceless! Jenn had a wonderful time and got to see so many sights in Europe. Jenn is going to be blogging some of her experiences from her European trip... and of course, they'll be mostly about FASHION! Here is one of Jenn's first posts...

4 Must Have Looks for this Summer as seen in Europe:

We all know Europe’s trends are more advanced than here in the U.S. We’d like to say that we’re adventurous but in most cases Europeans did it first (that’s how we know it’ll stick!) I must say I was hesitant to believe this at first too but if fashion school had taught me anything (which it had) going to Europe sure made me a believer! Having just returned from my extravagant trip to London, Paris and Florence I saw hundreds of people walking the streets in outfits I thought were meant for going out in or runway shows but no, this is how they dressed every day! To make it easier for us to wear in the States I will give you the basics…but please be adventurous!

Now I know what you may be thinking but give them a try. They are supposed to be baggy around your hips and slowly get tighter towards your ankles. On the hanger they do not look that appealing but try them on! Me in Paris with my Trousers from Zara

2. Playsuits

Or in the States we like to refer to them as a romper. Dress them up or down! They are comfy and so stylish for the hot summer days.

3. Summer Lace

I always see a lot of lace trends popping up through the winter months, but in London and Paris, everywhere I looked there was lace!

Here are some summer suggestions:

Woman in Florence at the Pitti Trade Show with White Lace Tank (cute outfit altogether!)

Express Lace Shark Bite Dolman Tee $39.50

Awake Lace-Overlay Necklace-Detail Tank $79.00

4. Boots or HIGH Heels (no in-between):

Either women were wearing super high heels or flat oxford or combat boots. You can decide which bodes well with your feet! ;-)

Men can wear them, too! Man walking the streets outside of Pitti

Urban Outfitters Chelsea Crew Classic Oxford Flat $58.00

Jessica Simpson Collection Junie $89.00 MEW! As Seen on Jessica!

Free People Trench Boot $298.00

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