Thursday, April 29, 2010

Twitter Party - Monday, May 3rd 9PM (EST)

We're gearing up for SUMMER TRAVEL with a TRAVEL-themed Twitter Party! Stop by and talk about the best travel toys and gear for travel... whether by plane, train or car!

Monday, 9PM EST on Twitter... #TotsyParty

Sales for next week that we'll be talk about?

MN Bird: boys and girls swimwear 40% off
Four Peas: backpacks, duffle bags etc 45% off
Sozo: Playwear for infants 50% off
Nomie Baby: Carseat covers up to 45% off
L'Amour Sandals: for girls 40% off
Penelope Peapod: purse into doll bed, with doll 40% off

The Twitter Party will be rocking!!

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