Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Style Alert: Bright Colors for Spring

Spring Fashion Alert: Bright Colors for Kids.

What kinds of colors? Oranges and yellows!

The color orange is popping up all over the place this spring. I'm not too surprised, orange is such a beautiful color. It's full of energy and brightness. Who wouldn't want to dress their child in some oranges? What I love about seeing the color orange is that it exudes happiness. You can't help but look at the color and feel a little more relaxed, a little more happy and a little more cheerful!The color yellow is just amazing! Yellow, like the sun... it so gets you in the mood for spring and summer. Yellow is the brightest color of all... it just soothes and comforts. I love the color yellow because it brings a sense of fun and excitement to an outfit. It adds some dimension and freshness. You don't have to dress your child in yellow from head-to-toe, just add some splashes and dashes here and there.

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