Friday, April 9, 2010

Estee Lauder Foundation: Get a FREE 10-Day Supply

Today is all about the BEAUTY MOMS!

Finding the perfect foundation is never easy. You want something that looks natural. You want something that blends well. And you want something that's going to stay put (after all that work, you don't want it dripping away!).

I'll never forget going this girl in one of my classes in college, she would wear SO much foundation, and it was always a few shades darker than it should have been. It was awful. Not to mention... she would always have areas that weren't blended. It seems the #1 question when it comes to finding a good foundation is COLOR.

Well... LADIES! Have no fear!

Estee Lauder has a promotion going on right now where they will find your ideal foundation match (with no purchase) and give you a 10-day supply of that foundation -- FREE!

So if you're someone who really isn't sure of your shade, your finish or your match - FIND OUT at Estee Lauder!

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