Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Celebrity Fashion: Kourtney Kardashian

The Kardashian ladies sure know how to dress... they are chic, hip and always in-trend. I honestly watch their TV show just for the fashions. If there was a DASH store in Rhode Island, I'd be in trouble! New mom - Kourtney - was seen in Miami last week with her sister Kim. I don't know how functional Kourtney's clothing is for every mom (not sure she could easily change a diaper in that outfit!)... but I will say, she sure knows how to make fashion statements. She always wears clothing that treads the line between sexy and elegant... and just makes sense for her. We wear clothing to show pieces of ourselves' to the world... Kourtney does this in a fabulous way.

Key pieces to her outfit:There's one thing moms can keep in mind... it is possible to be fashionable, chic and sexy as a mom. Kourtney always treads these waters beautifully.

Get Her Look:

Black Blazer: DKNY $79
Printed Blouse: Dillard's $38
Fringe Shorts: Victoria's Secret $39.50
Fringe Bag: Endless $38

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