Monday, March 8, 2010

Trend Alert: ENK Children's Show

I love getting the scoop on fashion trends for moms.  Last night it was the Oscars, today it was walking the aisles in NYC at the ENK Children's Club Trade Show.  Hundreds of the best children's brands were showing off their fall fashions.

A few trends jumped out at me as I scanned the racks.
Felt. This fabrication was added to tees and onesies and all over accessories.  It's colorful and retains a hand-made feel.
Rosettes.  Right now roses are all over women's handbags and fashions.  For fall the trend extends to pint-sized fashions.
Fleece.  The 80s lives on and I thought the fleece dresses for girls look fresh and comfortable.
Vests. Boys will dig the biker vests, for girls it was all about faux fur.
Lace. More 80's. Look for lace embellishments and lace leggings. Hello Madonna!

And here are a few of my favorite fall looks:

Mack & Co Jacket--does it come in my size?


Hazel furry vest--so modern.

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