Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Outfits for BOYS

I'm in the process of doing this right now! Well... getting 4 Easter Outfits for Boys. We celebrate the Easter holiday, and it's important that the boys get dressed up and all-so-handsome for our Easter celebration with our family. With boys, many people just think a "blah" suit, but you really can have some fun!

Here are 5 Easter Outfits for Boys:

1. Prepped 'n Perfect at Children's Place
This classically-cool and "dapper" outfit from Children's Place is adorable. I love the blues and yellows... and the vest is just perfection. Boys always look smashing in outfits like this!

2. Classic Easter Outfit from The Wooden Soldier
Blue Bunny Plaid is a total call-back to old-school traditional Easter outfits. I love the mixing and the matching. I think it's such an incredible and cute way to dress your son for the festivities!

3. Blue Seersucker Suit from Cookies Kids
Seesucker is so fabulous for Easter. It's got the elegance and classic-ness that every little man needs and looks good. You can't go wrong with Seesucker!

4. Chic Suit from J.CrewA little fashionisto in your home? Go with something a little more chic and hip from J.Crew. Not the traditional Easter wear... but oh-so-fabulous in its own right!

5. Junior Gentleman at J.Crew
There's nothing wrong with a tie! Ladies... watch your sons in this dapper outfit from J.Crew. Handsome, chic and classic... your little man will be a gentleman in this attire!

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