Friday, March 19, 2010

Meet the Moms: Joanna Dreifus

When you author a blog called MyMomShops, you know I'm going to be your friend. Joanna Dreifus and I often run into each other at trade shows--this mom has incredible taste and loves hunting down trends. Let's find out what else she is up to shall we?

What one word best describes your current state of mind? Relieved. My kids and I have been through two-and-a-half tough years and things are looking up now.

Tell us some of your favorite places to shop (online and off)? For my kids: Clothing from Mini Boden, CWD Kids, Lands End, and designer discount sites like Bargain Children's Clothing. For myself, I shop online at Boden, or in-person at Ann Taylor Loft or Macy's if I want a big selection. I buy most of our books and music (and the kids' toys) from Amazon, using Amazon Prime to save money on shipping. And I loooove browsing the handmade products at I've bought tons of gifts here, from clothing to jewelry to stationery. It's always a big hit. Surfing the Etsy site is addictive.

When did you start blogging? In January 2007, when my younger child was 4 months old and never slept. I spent a lot of time online with him over my shoulder.

What term or phrase do you most overuse? "Absolutely", "of course" and "sure, no problem." I need to learn to say "no" to more things.(editor's note--totally with you Joanna!)

What 5 items do you think that new moms can't do without?
1) Another grown-up to help you out 
2) A friend who's already a mom who can tell you what to really expect 
3) A copy of the American Academy of Pediatrics Birth to Age 5 book 
4) Lots of ziploc bags for organizing stuff (bad for the environment, I know). 
5) A computer with a fast Internet connection for staying in touch with people, finding online support, and shopping for baby, of course.

What do you do in your precious down time to recharge your batteries? Power naps, working out at the gym, going out with friends, and watching reality TV (a guilty pleasure).

What are you currently reading? Going Away Shoes- a book of short stories by Jill McCorkle. My mom gave it to me.

What celebrity best represents your personal style? Jennifer Garner. I'm a jeans and no-makeup type of mom, too, on most days. I clean up nice, though.

Follow me on Twitter here: @mymomshops

Current projects that have you engaged and excited: I'm raising money for YAI's Central Park Challenge ( in NYC this June. I'm a board member of YAI's New York League division, which provides Early Intervention to children with special needs (both of my children received EI therapies). I'm going to address special needs products and tips more specifically at MyMomShops, too.

Also, just for fun, I launched my own Etsy shop, featuring some of my photography.

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