Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring Fashion Trends for Moms

It's MARCH! Finally! How good does that sound? I can exactly "feel" it in the air... but, I can really tell it's almost Spring by the fact that Little League sign-ups have begun, there's talk of Easter and I just got the notice that Spring break is the 3rd week of April. For some reason - I'm very, very (very) excited!

In being a fashion mom blogger... I have been researching Spring Fashions for Moms. We all want to look good and feel good... right?

So what are some upcoming SPRING TRENDS FOR MOMS?

Here are my some of my FAVORITE:

CHINOS - So easy to wear... you can dress Chinos up, you can dress Chinos down... and you can just have some FUN with them! I love doing a little roll on the bottom of my Chinos and pairing with some fabulous heels. It just really screams "SPRING!" to me.

Shirtdresses -I love Shirtdresses! I haven't owned one for a few years... but after seeing so many grace the pages of top fashion magazines, I'm definitely investing in one! I love how this look can go from work to play very easily by accessorizing. It's chic. It's a hip look. And it's a very classic look.

Ruffle, Ruffle -They're still in - RUFFLES! What I have been seeing a lot of is ruffle on the front of tanks... and I really think it's a delicate, yet trendy look that works. This tank could easily be worn with jeans, chinos, skirts and trouser pants. This gives an outfit some FUN!

COLORFUL Flips -Colorful flip flops seem to be a big trend! It's a little fun to mix and match things up a bit. I'm not usually one to go with any other color than black and white... so I think I am going to "liven" my flip flop selection up a bit with some yellows and pinks.

BIG and BOLD BAGS -Big and Bold Bags are going to be HOT this year! Moms need to stuff lots of stuff in their bags... so big and bold is a fun way to go! What I love about the bold colors is that it really screams SPRING and ENERGY and WARMTH!

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