Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Top Outside Spring Activities

Outdoor activities throughout the Spring are the best kind. It's wonderful to enjoy the sunshine, breath in the air and watch the flowers start to bloom. There's nothing like this time of year! Many moms are searching for outside activities to do with their children. Moms want their kids to have fun, keep themselves busy and (the best part) learn something (sometimes without knowing!).

Here are some fabulous Outdoor Spring Activities to do with your kids:

1. Plant some flower seeds. It's wonderful to get your kids in the dirt... get them digging, and then have them bury some seeds. We did this last year, and every single day my sons would run outside to see if anything had to started to grow yet. It taught patience (for sure!)... but it also showed them the beauty that comes from planting some flower seeds. About 8 weeks later we ended up seeing the "fruit" of our labor.

2. Treasure hunts. Every child loves to go on a treasure hunt. Create 10-12 clues to different areas in your backyard. Have your children go from place-to-place, picking up a new clue at each destination. At the end of the hunt have something fabulous waiting for them! Cookies. Toys. Cold drinks. There has to be some sort of treasure at the end of a hunt!

3. Freeze tag. I don't know what it is, but this game always seems to be a big hit. Someone's "it" and it's up to that particular person to "freeze" everyone playing. This was just recently played at a birthday party we were at and the kids laughed and laughed and laughed away while they ran around and played. Activities that keep them moving and fabulous!

4. Chalk the driveway. We always have a barrel of sidewalk chalk ready for use in the spring. It's so much fun to get your kids out there and drawing, writing and doodling on the sidewalk, in your driveway and along your walkways. My sons LOVE tracing each other and seeing how big they are.

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