Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Green Week at Totsy

April is Earth Month... it's something Totsy is very excited about it!

Each month we have a "theme" week, where we have sales built around a particular theme. Last month was all about maternity. We were able to offer one week of some AMAZING maternity sales, and on top of that - host a fabulous Twitter Party. We just had so much fun bringing Totsy fans and customers the fun and excitement of some wonderful sales (with some of our favorite products) and a Twitter Party!

Well, March is all about GREEN. We chose March to be our GREEN month so you would have time to shop our amazing "green" sales and have the product by April for Earth Month! We couldn't be more excited or more proud of the sales we have been able to put together for Earth Month, starting NOW!

So what do we have up this week?

Hape Toys, Kate Quinn Organics, Hellolulu, Frenchy Baby Organics, Natural Mat and Little Green Star.

Hape Toys is all about bringing your child enchantment and excitement through the beauty of wooden toys. My sons LOVE to play with one of Hape's wooden planes. I'll tell you, Hape Toys products are amazingly durable, the highest of quality, absolutely adorable and (my fave!) so great for the environment. If you're looking for something oh-so-perfect to purchase your son or daughter, look no further!

Kate Quinn Organics brings such comfort, style and great fit to children's clothing. My sister-in-law LOVES Kate Quinn Organics for my niece. When I heard we were having a sale with them, I was ecstatic! Their clothing is superb and fun and just offers perfection in playwear for your children. (Not to mention AMAZING wear for moms, too!)

Hellolulu is exceptional for the tote shopping mom - which is essentially ALL OF US! What I love most about Hellolulu's reusable shopping totes and bags is that they are absolutely full of life and energy! The colors are bright and bold and oh-so-fashionista! If you don't have one, you gotta' get one!

Frenchy Baby Organics is the destination to go when you're looking for baby bedding. I cannot even begin to describe the beauty and elegance of Frenchy Baby Organics, they are incredible. All the bedding is made with organic cotton and is just the most exquisite and fabulous quality. This bedding will be the staple piece in your child's nursery, for SURE!

Natural Mat is a mecca for handmade mattresses made from organic and sustainable sources of raw materials. I have truly been addicted to Natural Mat's site, it's amazingly-amazing. (Is that a word!?) And that's not it! They have blankets, fleece, bedding, sleeping bags! It's truly unreal.

And our last sale this week is with Little Green Star! Oh, my... Little Green Star is absolutely adorable! They have the most beautiful and inspiring tees (all organic cotton) that help educate and teach your child about the importance of the environment! You can't go wrong with any of the amazing tees and sayings!

Enjoy our GREEN WEEK... and shop, shop, shop!!

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