Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hat Shopping in Paris

Jenn is continuing her European "fashion" summer vacation blog series today with an amazing post about hat shopping in Paris. Ahh... if you're a lover of hats (I am!) this post will make you want to hop on a plane to Paris - STAT!

La Cerise sur le Chapeau
11 rue Cassette. Paris 6ème.
Open from Tuesday to Saturday 13.00 to 19.00

During my time spent in Paris, a good friend of mine, Allie kept talking about an article she saw in Vogue awhile back. The article featured a quaint hat boutique in Paris that specializes in customized, hand-made hats for men and women, La Cerise sur le Chapeau.
La Cerise sur le Chapeau in English means cherry on the hat (their logo also represents this saying!) Everything is customized by you (the customer) from the material and colors down to the ribbons on the hat. They fit it precisely to your head making it your very own.

One afternoon we spent the day walking around the Saint Germain area. It did not take us long to find the little shop tucked away on a side alley, Allie was also well prepared with mapped out directions! Inside the workshop, which is located in the 6th arrondissement close to Saint Germain des Prés, we were greeted by three young women. Two only spoke French but were very welcoming to us Americans as they sat at their sewing machines attaching ribbons to already preordered hats. The third lady graciously walked Allie through the whole process of specializing her own hat. They had a wide spectrum of colors to choose from. Allie was able to choose the colors of her felt and straw hats, while also color-coordinating the ribbons to both! (She purchased 2 hats – one for summer use and the other for winter!) They are so cute! If only hats looked good on me…but Allie pulls it off beautifully! (My little fashionista!) Once Allie made her final decisions, it only took the women 20 minutes to finalize all the details and finish her hats. We grabbed lunch quickly and we were back just in time. The service was wonderful and the ambiance of the store followed right in line.

Allie in Florence with the girls and her Fedora!

Allie with her Parisian hat in Pisa!

If you are ever in Paris I would strongly recommend just popping in and taking a look around. However, if you do not plan on making a trip to Paris anytime soon and are interested in purchasing one of these fabulous hats you can create your own!!
Want to create your own Parisian hat? It’s simple with just 3 clicks:

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