Friday, July 30, 2010

Berry Ball - Need to Try One!

There's one thing I always wash by hand - my bras.

I've seen way too many of my bras come "undone" in the wash and I'm not going back there - ever.

You know what I'm talking about, right? You pop your bras into the wash to be cleaned, and when they emerge - they're twisted, tangled and completely out of shape. And... if you're anything like me and need a little "something-something" in the padded-bra department, you know how damaged the padding can sometimes get. It can just be a mess. So I started hand-washing everything which isn't the quickest and/or easiest to do. With work and the boys and sports and just the craziness of life with 4 little boys... I need laundry to do quick and easy for me - for every garment.

Which brings me to my bra-saving-grace - the Berry Ball.

You place your bra inside the Berry Ball for washing. What makes the washing of your bra so thorough, is that there's a scrubbing ball that you additionally insert into the Berry Ball with your bra. The holes in the Berry Ball allow the water and detergent to get on in and do its job. Toss the Berry Ball (with bra inside) into your wash - and you're literally good-to-go! It's super easy and you absolutely know you're bra is getting squeaky clean without getting damaged at the same time.

When the load is done, take your bra out of the Berry Ball and hang dry.

And... for your other delicate garments - undies and stockings, there's the Berry Bag, zip shut and wash away!

I absolutely recommend these for any woman... they have really made a difference in my bra-life. Moms... you will really love these because it's a easy and convenient thing to add into your washing routine. We like quick and easy when it comes to anything that has to do with laundry, right!?

Even better, this set comes with a Berry Bag for your panties. Once you're done, hang it up with the attached strap until next time.

These Berry Balls are available at select stores and some e-retailers in the US like: and

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