Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fashion/Beauty MUST-HAVES for the Beach

I've been to the beach and/or pool almost every single day this summer. With the heat wave the way it is, it's essential to stay cool and refreshed with a nice pool and beach. My sons make fun of me for packing the largest tote at the pool... OK, I have 2 of them that I bring. But... I have some summer fashion/beauty items that I need to make sure are packed.

This is my top 10 List of Fashion/Beauty Items You NEED for the Beach:

1. Sunglasses
2. Lip Balm (different from just plain lip gloss)
3. Rake Comb
4. Baseball Hat (easy to loop hair through the back of it)
5. Sun hat (Coolibar is my fave!)
6. Strapless Sundress in bright colors
7. Extra Pair of Flip Flops
8. Hoodie (if it gets cold)
9. Extra tee shirt
10. Sarong

**Bathing suit and Sunscreen are absolute ESSENTIALS.

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