Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nautical Trend for MOMS

I recently wrote about the Nautical look for kids, but it doesn't just stop with them!

Oh, NO!!

Living in Rhode Island - the "Ocean State" - I've always been near the water. Growing up, I loved about 1/4 of a mile from a beach. In college my parents moved to another town, and still... we loved about 1/4 (maybe less!) from a beach. And now, as an adult and mom of my own, we lived about 3 miles from the water. Personally, I love it! Ask any Rhode Islander, the farthest one could probably actually even live from the water can't be more than 15 miles or so.

This all being said... I've been noticing the nautical trend really emerging this summer. It's funny, the "nautical" trend is always "in-style" in Rhode Island. If you drive down to Newport or Narragansett for the afternoon - you'll see this trend year-round. You just usually don't see it among the tourists visiting, but this summer - it's everywhere.

I love this trend because it's REALLY EASY to do. I know as moms, especially in the summertime with the kids out of school, the last thing we really have time to focus on is fashion trends and styles (bless my father for buying me some fashion magazines for the beach yesterday - 4 boys at the beach, I didn't get a chance to eat lunch, never mind read!), so I've really been trying to share some doable and practical fashion trends/styles lately on We can still be moms andbe in-trend throughout the summer!

Here are some GREAT Nautical Trends for the summer that are chic, trendy and affordable!




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