Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Versatile Items to Pack for a Trip

I'm not used to packing (just) for myself... I'm used to packing for 5 people total. I pack for myself and my 4 sons... every time we go on vacation. I don't know how or why my husband seems to get off the "hook," but he does. I pretty much have it down to a science at this point. I make a list for each boy (and for myself), and go-go-go tossing and putting everything into suitcases. (Yes, each boy has their own little suitcase!)

So... it's odd, now... packing for myself. I'm just not used to it. I'm almost thinking I need to pop some diapers into my bag just to make it feel like "home."

I'm heading to Nashville, TN for the Blissdom Conference. I'm only going away for 4 nights, so I don't want to pack too much, or too little. So the question then becomes - How do you pack for a trip without over packing? I say it all comes down to packing versatile pieces. Items that are going to work in a variety of ways. I'm asked all the time by moms "What qualifies as versatile?"

This is what I usually suggest:

Sweater Wrap

I love these items because you can mix and match so many items. It's the easiest way to travel... and the easiest way to pack. And then you can add some "spice and personal style" by adding some accessories.

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