Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Totsy on Social Media

Are you following us on Twitter?

How about Facebook fans with us?

Cafe Mom?

We're so excited to announce that we're not only on (and in) all these forms of social media, but active on them! We know that moms are busy... and let's face it, our time is very, very precious. We don't always have the "free" time to sit and peruse websites. So... we want to make things as easy as pie for you. (We know because we're busy moms, too!)

We're spreading our wings throughout the world of social media.

We have loved being on Twitter because it truly gives us the opportunity to chat and discuss and engage with customers online. It gives us the chance to hear about what people think about the sales and the site... it gives us the honest and "real" feedback that we love. It's beyond refreshing and helpful. We also host Twitter parties once a month (*Next one being on March 1st!) where we discuss upcoming sales and have tons of fabulous giveaways! Join us if you can! We promise a fun and fabulous hour!

For us, Facebook is a fun way to get to know more people. What we love about Facebook is that most moms who engage in social media are on Facebook. So having a presence on there and being able to see what people are saying and hearing what they want... it's incredible. Plus, we're going to be having special deals just for our Facebook Fans, so if you're not a FAN, become one soon!

And Cafe Mom... we're there! It's been fun having some conversations with some moms and introducing ourselves. So if you're on Cafe Mom, make sure you "meet" up with us!

Connecting is the most important thing to us. We cherish the relationships we make and just love being able to spread the Totsy fabulousness!

So connect with us everywhere... we can't wait to meet you!

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