Monday, February 22, 2010

Mom 2.0 Summit

The power of mom blogs has never been stronger. Need evidence? Consider the range of blogging conferences targeting women. Why would you want to attend a mom blogger conference? How about affirming that motherhood rocks and cavorting with hundred of insanely talented women.  Last week this Totsy Mom hit the road and flew to Houston, TX to join up with Mom Summit 2.0.

The conference centered on the business side of blogging, but never forgot that there are women (mostly) behind these blogs. We are multi-faceted and fascinating. So there was a little something for every part of us.

Social: A Mad Men Style Party to connect with old friends and meet the new.
Healthy: Moms tried out the latest Wii Fit Plus Yoga session and headed out on a run on the streets of Texas.
Powerful: Heather Armstrong from the insanely popular blog Dooce. Reminded us of something key, “If you are involved in social media you are very powerful.”
Collaborative: Bloggers were encouraged to work with brands to develop unique content campaigns that entertain and inform.
Ambitious:  Write down a clear vision for where you want your business to go and how you are going to integrate this business with your family life.
Over-scheduled: We were warned to use our time wisely and well. Twitter can eat your entire day.  There’s nothing wrong with being entertained, but don’t kid yourself about how you are spending (or perhaps wasting) your time.
Artistic: A evening out at Fotofest let moms immerse themselves in the visual.

This message was sent home thanks to a video conceptualized by author Katherine Center and the women behind Shutter Sisters. Watch the video here:

The essence of the video is this—motherhood matters. All the big and small choices we moms make are impacting our family and the next generation of leaders. Take pride and joy from your dedication to your family.

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