Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mom Blogging Conferences

This past weekend I headed south to Nashville, TN for the amazing Blissdom Conference headed up by Alli Worthington, Barbara Jones and Paula Bruno.

I had been to Nashville once before in high school for a Junior National Swim Meet. I remember being there and loving the "vibe" of Nashville. People "up here" don't usually wear cowboy boots and/or cowboy hats, so I was excited to be heading back... (of course, this time as an adult).

Oddly enough, I didn't see Nashville. Not once. I was in Nashville - my plane landed... I walked to the curb of the airport... got into the designated car for me... and then was driven to the Opryland Hotel. Cue the music and dim the lights... the hotel was spectacular! (Side note: I did leave the hotel - for a quick 2 mile run around the parameter of the hotel with my running girls - Christine, Allison and Marie).

I spent the next 4 days and 3 nights inside the Opryland Hotel, which hosted Blissdom.

If you've never been to a mom blogging conference, I highly suggest you go to one, especially if you're a mom blogger. To be in the atmosphere of amazing women writers and bloggers is exhilarating. I had the honor to speak on 3 different panels - vlogging, niche blogging and evoling into a professional blogger. It was fascinating to listen and hear and share with over 450 women... all women who "get" what I do - because they're doing the same thing. There's something special about that.

My personal area of focus is fashion for moms. I love waking up every single morning able to blog and/or vlog about fashion advice for moms and soon - fashion advice for kids. I have really tried to carve out a section of this vast internet space for myself... and hone in on something that I love. For me, there's nothing else better in the world. I honestly couldn't ask for a better job. It was amazingly contagious to be in the room with other bloggers who feel the same exact way about their own blogs. To know that what you're writing makes a difference... and you're connecting and engaging through this great medium with (the possibility) of reaching millions. It's utterly amazing. And it was amazing to ponder that thought with other mom bloggers.

There are 4 "rules" to follow if you're thinking of getting into blogging:

1.) Write about what you love.
2.) Meet other bloggers - conferences, meet-ups, online, etc.

3.) Blog as much as you can, the frequency of your posts determine how "popular" you will be.
4.) Make sure your content is original.

Blissdom was everything I thought it would be and more. Whenever I head to an event - which is going to take me away from my family - I have high expectations. If I'm going to be away from my family, I want whatever I am going to to be worth it. Blissdom was that and beyond. From inspiring bloggers and speakers... to delicious food... to fabulous dancing... to wonderful networking and connections... to feeling a true sense of belonging... it was top notch. Everything was brilliantly done.

So Nashville... I'm sorry I wasn't able to see more of you - there's always next year!

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