Saturday, February 13, 2010

Featured MOM: Kathy Ireland

Kathy Ireland spoke at the Disney Social Media Moms event on Friday, February 12th. I "know" Kathy well from seeing her on the wall of brother's room! Ironically enough, she was on my husband's bedroom room wall, too!

Kathy graced the staged and spoke to over 150 women about her business, being a mother and how she uses social media.

To say her story was inspirational is an understatement. She was incredible. She was magnetic. And her passion for her business was contagious!

I wanted to feature Kathy Ireland on the Totsy blog today because I truly feel she embodies the "trifecta" we all strive to accomplish... family, faith and work. She was very honest in saying that she doesn't know how to balance it all... but that she tries, every single day.

It's amazing to write this... her lifestyle line - Kathy Ireland Worldwide is a 1.4 BILLION dollar company. BILLION. That's some pretty hard work and dedication and determination. She's all about finding solutions through her products for families. She's making life easier... for us all.

There's one thing Kathy said that I would like to end this blog post with... "All that you give, is all that you get." I thought that was a beautiful way to define motherhood, life, work and happiness. She truly is an amazing woman... and I am so glad to have met her.

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