Monday, January 4, 2010

Time to Get Organized Mom

Now is the time to put those resolutions into practice.  And for many moms that means getting organized.  Rather than try to tackle revamping the entire house, let's start with basics--your handbag/diaper bag.

If you're like me, your bag becomes a dumping ground for juice box straws, bandaids, notes for school handwipes, diapers and more.  I have two big problems. First, I am lugging around too much stuff. And second, when it comes time to find and essential item, they all seem to have gravitated to the bottom of my bag. 

Solution: The weekly bag dump.  Every Sunday night I literally dump everything out or my bag.  Here is the system

  1. Toss trash. Be sure to shred receipts with sensitive info. or file in appropriate folder. Enter phone numbers from scraps of paper into your phone and place all appointments into your weekly calendar.
  2. Baby quick change kit. I use a babyspareware bag that comes loaded with a cotton back-up outfit, then add diapers, wipes and a slim changing pad (Dwell baby has a compact  option that is easy to wipe clean).
  3. Pair down that wallet.  Day-to-day life only requires a credit card, ATM card, drivers license and cash (maybe your health insurance card too).  All those store credit cards, checkbooks, and gift cards should be stored in a safe spot at home.
  4. Skip the coin purse.  Dump your coins into a piggy bank.
  5. Check out your key ring.  Are you carrying keys to doors you never open?  Take them off and toss them or stash them in your home safe.
  6. Stock mom essentials--Hand wipes, charged cellphone, small notepad and pen.
  7. Cosmetics--hand lotion, lipstick, etc, are placed in a small clear makeup bag. Opt for sample sizes whenever you can to cut down on bulk. 
  8. Forget about plastic toys and pacifiers.  Think about adding a piece of teething jewlery
    --fashion and function. Bigger kids can use that notepad and a pen for quick games of hangman.

It helps to start with a bag that is loaded with compartments to keep you organized.  Timi & Leslie bags come with a removable bottle tote, changing pad, detachable wristlet (for mom’s essentials---cell and wallet), key fob, dirty clothes bag and more.

Why not get your year off to an organized and fashionable note with the Timi & Leslie's Mod Patent Tote. Forget about feeling frumpy—today’s mom can take part in all the latest trends. Look for it this week on

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