Monday, January 18, 2010

ENK Show Review

As a Totsy Mom, it's my job to scout out trends and fashions.  This means heading to all the local and national trade shows to see what fashions will be hot for your family.  Last week I headed to the ENK show in New York City to look at Winter Fashions for children.

Here's my take on trends:
  • Purple remains a hot color.
  • Faux fur trim turns the ordinary into the extraoridnary.
  • Get ready to be mad for plaid!

As I toured up and down the aisles.  These were a few standouts I spotted along the way:
One Kid--They've always made quality coats--loved to see the brand heading fashion-forward.
Oilily-The name Oilily has been sold back to Willem Olsthoorn (after a messy private equity deal) and the brand is poised for a colorful comeback.
Lassig-Moms are already keen on the kiddie packs for school lunch.  I was craving the quilted diaper bag and I adored the BellyBand--printed sashes to wear over your bump.
J.A.C.H.S.--Wonderful (and affordable) shirts for boys and girls made from funky plaids.

Go Gently--Green continues to be hot, but it's not enough to just use organic cotton.  This new brand combines chic with consciousness.

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