Thursday, January 21, 2010

Get Her Look: Julie Bowen

Julie Bowen.

Maybe it's because I have a "thing" for moms of all boys... wink, wink. Or because she's a fellow Brown Alum... double wink, wink. I just have always loved Julie Bowen. I was a huge "Ed" watcher in the day. I never missed any episode. Then I love love loved her on "Boston Legal." She is truly one of those actresses that can do serious, that can do romance, that can do comedy... and be really, really good at it. Julie gave birth to twin sons, John and Gus this past May. That brought her boy total up to 3 sons... all 2 and under. Do you see why I love this girl? And every time I see photos of her, she's smiling... she's glowing... she's happy. She's got that mom-happy-glow.

This photo just really leaped off the screen for me. I love this color on her... and I adore the earrings.

Get Julie's Look:

Silk Top: Top Shop $70
Tweed Pant: Kohl's $21
Earrings: Kohl's $8

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