Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fitness Apparel for Kids

It's that time of year! New beginnings, New YOU! I have been inspired to put my running shoes on and get myself into shape. The treadmill and the swimming pool have become my January new best friends. As I'm getting myself geared up... my sons have been wanting to come to the pool and go to the "kids gym" at our local YMCA. Keeping them moving and active is so important... plus, I love how they are seeing that fitness can be fun and exciting.

Just as I love to get a few new "workout" things for myself in the clothing department, it's special for your kids, too.

Here are some of my favorite "recognizable" places to find some fabulous Fitness Apparel for Kids:

GAP Kids -I saw my nieces in these yoga pants and just melted. The GAP is one of my favorite places to go for lounge-wear... yoga pants being on the top of my list. They are comfortable, cozy and extremely functional. How amazing to have them in smaller sizes! These get a complete thumbs-up from me!

Hanes -

Hanes isn't just for the "big" people... they have fabulous selections for Kids and Infants. Hoodies, sweatpants, tees, socks - you name it, they have it. The perfect "fitness" apparel for kids. They're warm, comfortable and toasty. Truthfully, it's exactly how you want your children to be.

Lands' End -My sons love to swim. They're in swimming lessons 2 times a week and just can't get enough of the water. I love seeing them learn to kick and takes strokes and truly become little swimmers! Lands' End is my go-to destination for bathing suits. The quality is superb and the selections are endless. Whether your child needs a suit for pleasure, swimming lessons or swim practice - you will fall in love with Lands' End.

Children's Place
Tees! There's one thing every child needs for playing, running, biking... it's a good tee. I have had so much trouble with tees that shrink down to nothing. The one place I know I can always rely on is Children's Place. They have the best quality tees. The color lasts. The sizing lasts. And the fit is super comfy!

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