Monday, January 11, 2010

Best Fitness Gear for Moms

Many moms start off the year with the resolution to lose weight and get fit. One way to stay motivated and help meet your goals is to have the right gear on hand.

In the winter months you'll need a good warm-up jacket to keep off the chill when exercising outdoors. The breakaway jacket from lucy. This close-fitting jacket ($88) can be a great cover-up when you drop the kids off at school on your way to the gym.

When it comes to workout bras, I’m a huge fan of Lululemon. Many of the tops come in a length that will safely cover your mid-section and they offer plenty of support. I suggest the Super Y Tank ($52). Runners may want a bit more support, in that case, I’d try the Moving Comfort brand. These bras are made to support women taking on high-impact sports. No one wants to flop through a 10k!

Workout bottoms come in a wide variety of styles. Loose-fitting yoga pants are wonderful for achieving a zen-like calm. Try the Hyde Yoga Ryder Pant (on sale now for $44). For pilates, you’ll want something a little less flowy. Rese Pilates has a terrific pant called the Christine. It’s even got a little yin/yang logo in the center to remind you to focus on your core.

Runners will adore the Adidas Supernova tight ($70) this winter to keep them warm. Moms to be can take the Ingrid & Isabel Belly Legging to yoga class or to the gym.  This high waistband keeps your belly covered and comfy as you work out.

Maternity workout wear is finally as hip and cool as the rest of the maternity wear on your closet. Shop at Born Fit for a complete collection of Maternity workout gear. The Totsy top picks include the Elyse Maternity Jacket ($88) and the Rudy Maternity Tank ($44)

As for the little things, I like having my hair pulled back when I work out. In addition to a good elastic band, I keen on the cotton headbands from American Apparel. The headbands cost $4 and come in a wide assortment of colors. I keep three or four on hand and coordinate with my outfit. These are washable and wide keeping all the little loose strands of hair off my face.

With the right apparel stocked in your closet, you’ll have fewer excuses for skipping your workout. Here’s to a fit and fabulous 2010.

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