Friday, November 19, 2010

Toy Story Magic

As a mother of four boys ages two to six, seldom if ever do I find that one toy that they all can enjoy. The Toy Story Rocket Table Setfrom Jakks Pacific is one of those rare exceptions. It’s a table and two chair set, decorated with the Toy Story characters that all my boys love that can be broken down and changed into a rocket ship that’s over for feet tall.

Henry, my two year old, is a little young to get all the pieces together, but I can leave him alone, not worried about small pieces that some of his older brothers’ toys contain. He loves stacking the pieces and we can often hear the crash when he knocks the rocket ship down.

William, my six year old, loves to lend a hand with the pieces that Henry can’t quite assemble. As a mother, it warms my heart to see my babies working together rather than fighting over a toy.

With four chairs, there’s room at the table for everyone! They love to sit and eat at the Toy Story table and actually sit quietly at their special table. $69.95 is a small price to pay for that!

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