Tuesday, November 23, 2010

HOW-TO: Organize Your Purse

HOW-TO: Organize Your Purse With holiday shopping gearing up we need to stay organized, Ladies! Lists are a good idea for gift shopping but what about your purse?

Purses….the essences of all accessories - in my opinion ;-) need to stay organized so not to loose or misplace anything in the hustle & bustle of shopping madness.

Some tips to stay organized during Black Friday and Holiday Shopping:

· Have a place for everything in your purse – extra pockets are great!

o Make sure your cell phones stays in its holder, keys have a pocket or keychain clip in your purses.

· Makeup bags are an easy way to keep organized, I have an extra bag in my purse to keep a mirror, pens, hand-sanitizer, and any other miscellaneous items. This way when you are looking for something in your bag, you know where it will be and not scattered in the abyss!

· During shopping trips the one thing you need more than anything else is your wallet. To minimize ciaos…make sure all credit cards you need are in your wallet and visible. When your wallet is organized it eliminates the stress of potentially loosing a credit card or misplacing money.

Avoid this!! Looks of organizing compartments ;-)

· Finally, my last tip for Holiday Shopping – get a receipt organizer!

o Instead of cramming receipts into your wallet or loosely in your purse, purchase a receipt carrier so when something needs to be returned or exchanged you know exactly where you placed that receipt!

Will you be out & about on Black Friday?

Happy Shopping!!

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