Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What to Pack for YOU

What to Pack for a Summer Trip!

After packing for all of your kids... your husband (maybe) and getting the house in condition for you to be away for a few days (or many!), it's time to pack for YOU.

What's important to take and what isn't?

I've become the master at packing... with 4 boys, I need to make sure I have the least amount of items as possible, but items that still wear well and travel easily.
My suggestions:

Great Duffle Bag - You need a wonderful bag/suitcase/duffle to fit your items. I have the most perfect beige duffle bag that I use all the time for trips, it's the right size and it's easy to pop over my shoulder.

Shoes - Sneakers, flip flops and one pair of "dress" sandals or shoes. This was you have the sneakers to walk and chase the kids in... flips to flop around in and a nice pair for evening.

Little Black Dress - Find a beautiful tank dress that you can wear to the beach, or dress up for dinner out. This is so essential for summer travel.

Tees - Find cotton tees that you can wear throughout your vacation. Make sure they're comfortable!

Tanks - Same as above!

Capris - I love to bring one pair of capris that can be worn casual or dressy. Truly it all comes down to the shoes of choice with it.

Shorts - You need shorts for the summer! Casual shorts are the only way to go!

I suggest going CRAZY with the accessories! Necklaces... scarves... bracelets... they're the easiest things to pack and can change the look of an outfit in a second!

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