Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mom Fashion Advice from Carson Kressley

Carson Kressley is one of my favorite fashion personalities! He's just funny and sweet and nice and adorable all wrapped together. I had the opportunity to interview him yesterday (via phone) on behalf of Clorox about summer trends, must-haves for moms and what colors are hot, hot, hot this season!

When did you fall in love with fashion? You obviously have such a passion for it.

I was always fasincated with clothing. I grew up near Allentown, PA in the 1970's, my mom wore big costume jewelry. I remember my 1st day of kindergarten I wore a plaid leisure suit. Clothing was fabulous back then. I always loved looking good in clothing. When I moved to NYC, I started working for Ralph Lauren... one thing led to another. I definitely have a passion for it. Most of my training was on the job training, I started as an assistant and then to another assistant and you just work your way up and are able to meet people.

Actually, that's funny... my first job out of college was as Donna Karan's personal assistant!

Mine was as Ralph's brother's assistant!

Carson, what fashion advice would you give to moms?

I talk about moms and fashion on Look Good Naked. Moms need to dress and feel good about themselves. Moms are so busy with full-time jobs and taking care of their families that there isn't a lot of free time. Mom is the last person to take care of herself. My advice would be to still indulge yourself and make sure you have time for you. You still deserve to be sassy, sexy and cool. You need YOU time. My best fashion advice would be to take care of your clothes. Get a good Clorox Bleach for your whites. Build a wardrobe of classics that will work well with different looks. Don't save old clothing. Every woman wants to get back to their pre-baby body, your body has changed! Don't mourn for your old body, you're a new women and you have this new baby. Get rid of the old stuff that doesn't fit! Streamline your closets! Get rid of the unnecessary clutter.

What are some "must-haves" for Moms? What tops your list?

Your "Can't go wrong with" items...
Little Black Dress. If you're not into wearing a black dress, get a red one... a blue.. just make sure you have that little dress that can go anywhere.
White Blouse. This is classic to have.
Great pair of Jeans. Get a pair of jeans that work with your body. There are so many places to buy a great pair of jeans and at different price points. LEE, JCrew. Not Your Daughter's Jeans. once you find that perfect pair, buy a couple!
Blazer. Find a fitted blazer in either black or navy, you can wear it anywhere.
Cardigans. You can layer a cardi over a tank, a tee... add some color to your outfit with a bright cardi. These are great to have on-hand.
Black Slacks.
And then... with these key pieces you can, what I like to call, salt and pepper them with trends. Every season add a couple of trends to your wardrobe. Bright cardigans in violet, green, turquoise or yellow. Dress with accessories - the statement necklace, costume jewelry. You can find these items at super inexpensive prices, but they really add to your basics.

What are some GREAT trends right now for moms?

Right now we're seeing a lot of printed silk tops and tops with embellishments.

And what colors should we be aiming for this summer?

Spring/Summer right now it's still all about the PURPLES! It's been the #1 trend color. This season try softer lilacs. Yellows, greens, turquoise... these are definitely trendy this season. You know, coral is a HUGE color. It's really like a 1960's palette.

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