Friday, May 14, 2010

Mom Style: Best Dresses that Flatter

What Dress Flatters Every Figure?

This question comes up all the time. It's an important one because there definitely are dress styles that do flatter every kind of figure... it's a beautiful thing.

Here are 4 of my recommendations when looking for dresses that flatter any and every body shape:


An A-Line dress tapers out from the waist to the hem. It's called an "A-Line" dress because the silhouette reveals the edges of a capital A.

Belted Dress:

A Belted dress works because it actually makes you look slender (ahh... love this!).


I'm talked about the beauty of Sheath dresses before... they are such an essential to have in your closet! Just make sure you find a Sheath dress that fits your body perfectly. Make sure it's not too loose!


Many people don't think this is true, but it is! The Slip dress does look good on every figure, as long as it fits well.

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