Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Baby Designer Socks: Trumpette Christmas

There's aren't many baby items that leave me speechless... I pretty much feel like I've seen all the cuteness, especially after having 4 little boys. But, oh my, was I wrong! Trumpette's sale on Totsy this week is absolutely-fabulously-adorable!

As most moms knows, Trumpette Christmas socks and tights are a perfect Baby’s First Christmas or Baby Shower gift. They really are the perfect accessory for the perfect outfit for Christmas picture taking (not to mention all parties/gathering/events for your baby, too!). Plus, all the socks are gift boxed and ready for Holiday gift giving.

If you know someone who is pregnant this Holiday season - OR know someone with a little baby... you MUST, MUST MUST check out the Trumpette Totsy Sale, the prices are amazing!

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